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Did you experience he worst pain(s) you ever experienced with a urinary stent?

The following is a summary of my stent experience after kidney stone lithotripsy
   1. My lithotripsy procedure performed under general anesthesia went well, although I never spoke to the urologist after the procedure and never received a follow up situational call.
   2. Stent placement occured while I was under general. My post op symptoms were: extreme ( I can't over emphasize this) constant pain, made worse upon urinating; severe burning upon urinating; the need to urinate (tiny amounts of urine) every 3-4 min apart; blood and blood clots in urine for 48 hours; incontinence that persists even now 10 days later; the need to wear adult diapers (Depends); very little sleep due to need to urinate constantly; constipation from Hydrocodone pain medication (self treated with Dulcalax effectively).
I list my symptoms to prepare and comfort my fellow stent recipients on what to expect....I received 0 pre or post operative information on what to expect.
I had the stent removed 3 days after placement. I had the string that extended out from my penis. It was done in the urologist's office without any anesthesia. Took less than 5 seconds (don't look). Was uncomfortable but not very painful?..4 out 10 on my pain scale. The stent experience was a 12 out of 10 rating.
Post stent removal: still wetting the bed. Still urinary urgency (need to go every 10-15 minutes). Still burning upon urinating. Still depends. 12 days post op.
Beware of stents...my urologist's description of what I would feel: it may burn a little upon urinating!!!
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I can empathise, I've just had my stent removed after a year.  An abscess above my ovary had burst and damaged my uretha.  had to have it changed every 4 months as it would get calcified almost the minute it went in.  I too suffered to urgency and the burning or strain feeling at the end of a wee!!  I had it removed 2 weeks ago and am still in as much pain as I was with it in.  I have also developed a water infection since it was removed.
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Wow I am sorry to hear that, I had mine removed 7 days ago and my who tract still contracts and hurts like I am passing stones. I found icing very helpful for the urethra part.
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