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Passing over 40 kidney stones, mostly small in 5 weeks

Male, 43, history of kidney stones for 20 years. Last Lithotripsy was performed 3 years ago. Urologist was seen in October 2009 w/xray performed. He was advised he has an 11 mm stone in his left kidney and a smaller one on the right. They had not increased in size since xray October 2008. He had decided to not do another Lithotripsy at this time. He started using an Inversion table mid January for stretching out his back.  Since he started using the table he has passed over 40 stones. It appears they could be the "dust" left from the Lithotripsy. the dust being small crystals.  What is going on?
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Hi, how is he now? I have had surgery recently for one 8mm stone in my right kidney but my life has been hell ever since. Debris keeps coming out, it hurts very much daily. I have been doing a slight incline inversion flush daily. It did help the first couple of times, not sure it did yesterday. I am so scared. Do you feel he has gotten better? Is it worth investing in an inversion table?
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