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when should pain after ureteroscopy stent removal become a concern?

Hi, 43 year old male recovering from first lithotripsy and stent procedure from kidney stone.  I had stent removal about 5 hours ago and my kidney region is quite painful and sore still and was just wondering how normal this is.  It is not as painful, mind you, as the excruciating and life-changing monstrosity of the wrenching pain of the last 5 days . . . however, I am curious as I believed (for what reason i have no idea) that my pain would be gone by now.
thanks!  :)
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Recovery takes longer than this from lithotripsy and stent placement and removal.  It is traumatic enough having a stent placed and sitting there and removed that there is inflammation and it takes time for inflammation to go away.  

Kidney stones are rough.  Even with lithotripsy you still have to pass the pieces, which is hopefully small like sand, but not always.  Sounds like you're past that part so hopefully all the stone pieces have passed and now it's just a week or so to heal.  

Hopefully they figured out what your stones are composed of so you will know what to change about your diet so you won't get stones anymore.  Nigella sativa is good for keeping stones away.  
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Hi, I like your answer. Mine is post stent removal 7 days ago and the pain was back with a vengeance last night. I am wondering how long I am going to have to go through this for. I need to be there to help my family but all I can do is worry, hurt and try to sleep.
Hi LyneC.  So, how is it going?  I'm sure the nervous part of things impacts it all.  It's been awhile now.  Any update?
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