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250+ kidney stones - can anything be done?

My husband is 45 and since the age of 19 has passed over 250 stones -nobody seems to be able to do anything, he typically passes them on his own up to 7mm, even an 8mm. Nobody offers anything to prevent only treat...we need a doc who will attack these and find out why they are being produced....anyone have any ideas?
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You may drink horsegram water. Keep the horsegram  in water for a night and drink that water in the morning.  You may search for the benefits of drinking horsegram water in other portals.

Thank you.
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Need to figure out the type of stones.

I have calcium stones. Did laser lithotripsy twice. Here  are what I figured out.
1) DO NOT take any vitamin C supplements.
2) drink lemon juice.

When covid started, there were recommendations of taking vitamin C. I did, causing regular stone passing and my existing large stone grew. I then stopped vitamin C and start lemon juice treatment. I have not passed stones for long time.

Originally I thought the stones I regularly passed are fragments shed from the large stone. I was wrong. They are the newly produced stones. If somebody passes stones regularly, it means the body is produce stones regularly.

I squeezed fresh lemon juice, drank it as it is, and rinsed with water. I did 4 times per day.
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Wow, seriously.  That is a lot of stones.  Do they know what kind of stones?  People can have different types and that can give a clue as to their origin. This article goes through the 4 different types of stones. Each one is going to be the result from specific causes.  There are calcium stones which happen usually if someone has metabolic issues or renal issues, or on certain medications, OR struvite stones which happen in response to infections OR uric acid stones which happen if someone doesn't drink enough fluids, has gout, eats super high protein diets OR they could have cystine stones which is a genetic disorder where the kidneys excrete too much of an amino acid.  

If you know what type of stone, that may help narrow down what your husband can begin working on to help prevent future stones. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/kidney-stones/symptoms-causes/syc-20355755
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is there any information or a workbook to help you with the lifestyle changes recommeneded by the mayo clinic ?
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