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Could This Still Pass?

Last November went to ER with extreme left side pain. CAT can showed small 3.5 kidney stone. After a day or so, pain vanished. MONTHS later, I had another CAT scan for GI issues. They said "You know you have a kidney stone, it's not blocking anything, just thought we'd mention." Went to Urologist, he said "Well if it's the same one, it is traveled quite bit, now it's in the distal ureter. Let's talk an ultrasound in 30 days. I waited weeks because I had no symptoms, until this week when and urgency to urinate and tingling at penis tip started bothering me. I called them, they said "Let's just go get it". I don't want to GO GET IT and go through the awful stereoscopy. So now I'm getting serious about drinking a lot, and taking Flomax. I have no pain, just urgency. Is there a chance that this could still pass and I can avoid surgery? They said it was below my pelvis at this point based on the CAT scan. Thanks!
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