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Liver or other issue?

44 yr old male...Had a normal liver enzyme blood test in April (ALT-28, AST-32) while moderately drinking on weekends (5-7 pints beer). Since then, have been consuming a bit more (5-10 pints) on weekends, never during the week. I also occasionally smoke  cigarettes... I feel strange ache under ribs on upper right, a bit to the side - like a bit around back almost.... but I also exercise with abs exercises during weekdays, so not sure what the source of the ache is...worried its liver region. Have stopped drinking altogether for over a week now, but noticed that one of my ankles were a bit swollen yesterday, in an area where I got a sunburn on weekend...constant back pain, but massage therapist claimed I had knots on back muscles, but still just doesn't feel right...im on keppra for seizures, but otherwise healthy...run everyday, do ab exercises for 20 mins on weekdays (leg lifts), not overweight, don't eat crap, most veg/fruits...going for another blood test in 2 weeks....Does this sound like liver? Will my enzymes likely be elevated, eventhough I will have abstained for 3 weeks once I get the blood test done? Guess im a bit paranoid, given what google searches can do to a persons head, cause apparently according to google I have cirrhosis.....?? I have no yellowish skin/eyes, no diaharea, no dark urine...last blood work (CBC) was early April, and all was normal...
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