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Ultrasound discovered Fatty Liver with Enlarged spleen

Hello I am a 30yr old male have 2 beautiful children ages 3 and 7. I am  overweight! I currently weigh 287,, I am 5'10'' ,, The reason for this thread is because I was diagnosed with a Fatty Liver and enlarged spleen, I am so worried right now that I could barely type my hands are shaking of fear :(,,, I also was told that my AST and ALT wor high,, the first time they took the blood test it read: AST/SGOT 118  and ALT/SGPT 243      after about 3 weeks I went back and my tests showed AST/SGOT 82 and ALT/SPGT 210  doctor said they had dropped,, but for those three weeks i went on a strict diet and lost 13 pounds so i don't know if the weight loss had anything to do with my test results going down,, anyway that last time i got those tests done they also did an Ultrasound of my liver gallbladder etc.... they discovered a Fatty Liver and also an enlarged spleen,, and I am so scared about those results! this is what my ultrasoudn report said::

                                              ULTRASOUND OF THE ABDOMEN
FIINDINGS: Real time high-resolution ultrasound of the abdomen demonstrates a physiologically distended gallbladder with no evidence of cholelithiasis or pericholecystic fluid collection. The common bile duct measures 3.7 mm with no evidence of intrahepati biliary dilatation. The visualized pancreas is unremarkable. The right kidney appears normal and measures 11.8 cm. The left kidney appears normal and measures 11.3 cm. The visualized IVC and aorta are unremarkable. There is no evidence of free intraperitoneal fluid.

The liver is prominent with a coarse, echogenic appearance. The spleen is also enlarged. The galbadder wall measures 2.2 mm

1. Borderline hepatosplenomegaly with fatty infiltration of the liver.
2. No evidence of cholelithiasis

Ok,, well that's what they found.. If someone has any information please let me know!! I have an appoinment in the next 3 weeks.. But for now I am in a total stressful and frightening situation. Please someone help thanks!!!!
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If you read my profile you'll know I have had some similar experiences.  I think you need to take a good hard look at your diet.  MSG has 13 different names...learn them because it is poisonous.  Microwaving food stops food from being utilized in the body.  Start a basic diet of fresh fruits/vegetables.  Go to health food store, buy pH test strips and test the acidity in your body.
Start taking food-based multivitamin/mineral with calcium/magnesium supplements.  Probiotics in refrigerated section in health store (everyday).  Get your system back on the right tract.
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Thank you for responding!! so you think its nothing bad? I know my doctors are the ones to let me know about that, but right now I have to wait for my next DR's app in about 3 weeks! and in the meantime I want to get peace of mind! so in your experiences have you had this or similar diagnosis? I tried looking in your profile for info but didn't find anything!! anyways please let me know something,, thanks once again, God Bless You!!!
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Ok guys let me give you an update,, I went to the doctor again and did a Hepatic Function Panel,, and to my surprise my levels dropped amazingly to: AST: 24   ALT: 60  Alkaline Phosphatase: 90,, the doctor said everything was fine now,, and I am so,so,so Happy :) Thank GOD!!!  what happened is that I lost 16  pounds and that's why I think they dropped to normal,, so now guess what!  I am going to keep loosing weight! I was 300 when I started having problems and now I am 284,, my target is 230 at least! anyways,, I just wanted to let everyone know about this!! if anyone else is having the same problems and are overweight,, please do yourself a favor and start losing those extra pounds!  because i know the feeling of thinking you may have something very serious,, but in my case it was just losing some weight! and this news couldn't have arrived at a better time than now,, because i will be able to enjoy Christmas more now,, because i know i am fine!! I lived 3 mos of hell and uncertainty and this was a big wake up call for me! God gave me another chance on life,, and I am going to make the most of it!! well anyways thanks to everyone here who read this,, and I wish you the best of health.. Merry Christmas to all!!!
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I have today had exactly the same diagnosis, however I have also been diagnosed as having irritable bowel syndrome don't quite know where to start have tried various forms of dieting but nothing helps. How did you loose the weight please. I'm 43 and my partner has just had his second stroke, my 16 year old as recently run away, so I'm told stress is the major factor on the IBS if anyone can give me any advice I would really appreciate it

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Hi Triton,
I can feel your pain as i m in the same boat right now I weigh 230 pounds and 31 and 5'10 .I have got my regular blood test done in Dec 14 and my LFT were abnormal.

AST 64
ALT 122

GGTP 30 Normal
ALP 227 High
Albumin 4.67 Normal

Bilirubin Total 1.09 Normal
Bilirubin Direct 0.23 Slightly High
Bilirubin Indirect 0.86 Normal


Cholesterol Total 189 Normal
Triglycerides 141 Normal
HDL 42 Normal
LDL 118.80 Above optimal
VLDL 28.2 Normal

HEP B & C negative

Then i got my Ultrasound reports

liver - mildly enlarged appx 16cms - & homogeneously echogenic s/o fatty infiltration. Intrahepatic biliary radicals are not dilated. No Focal area of alterated echo texture/sol/cyst or abscess noted.
GB - All Normal
Pancreas - All normal
Spleen - Mildly enlarged in size app 13cms - Normal in shape & Echotexture.No focal area of altered echo texture seen. Splenic vein is normal in caliber.no splenic vein collaterals noted at hilum.

Kidneys - All normal
U bladder- All normal
Prostate - All normal
No free fluid seen in abdomen & Pelvis
No Enlarged para-aortic /parailaic lymph nodes seen
No Pl.effusion see IMP- Fatty liver & Mild Splenomegaly

No after all this i am super scared .Do i have chronic condition or is it something i can change with Diet & Exercise ?
Do i have NASH or Just Fatty Liver?
Mild liver Enlarged and Liver Inflammation is that same thing?

I don't know what to do next coz It bothering me non stop and I am going Crazy.????
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