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help interpreting liver tests

Hi, ok need help with these tests. First off I am a daily drinker 3-5 drinks nightly. with food. funny enough 10 years ago my blood tests were all kind of high. ALT was 64 but the others were normal. then for the next 9 years all fine, but then last november my ALT was up to 66 from 35 the year before. ast was up to46 from 29 the year before. ALP went from 60 to 89 but within the normal range. bilirubin actually went down from 1.1 to .08. Albumin has been 4.2 for years now 4.5 which is normal. I was worried about it so I got a GGT test and it came in normal at 31. A/G ratio is 1.9

so what does this all mean? I have been taking milk thistle and vit C etc for the last 2 months, but the numbers still went up slightly from 4 months ago.

my doctor said the since the ALT and AST were a little high, I should cut back on drinking but if all the other numbers are fine? I do not ever take over the counter tylonol, ibuprophen etc. But I do drink daily and have for years. Age 59 and otherwise in great health. my cholestorol is 144 with 95 of that HDL. triglycerides only 49. not overweight now but have been for the last 10 years. glucose is 87. thanks if anybody can help with this
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Did you ever figure out why they are raised ? I don’t drink but I did take some Bayer for tooth pain and headache like 7 days before the blood test and it was above the normal and I just was pregnant so was checked for the hep c and hep b was negative few months ago
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