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Chest CT Results


Sorry for the long post.  I am 31 year old female, 5' 3" and about 200 lbs.  I have smoked under 1/2 pack per day for about 13 years.  Trying to quit.

Anyway, have been having chest pain for over 5 years.  So, I had a chest CT with contrast and here is the "IMPRESSION":

1.  Nonspecific patcy areas of ground-glass opacity predominantly involving the bilateral upper lobes.
2.  5mm or less foci of juxtapleural and parenchymal nodularity bilaterally.
3.  Mild mediastinal adenopathy.
4.  Collective imaging features remain nonspecific and may be infections/inflammatory in nature.  Other etiologies to include sarcoidosis or underlying neoplasm are not definitevely excluded given imaging appearance.  Recommend pulmonary referral for further evaluation and assessment.

Can you help me understand these medical terms?  And what this might mean?

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Does anyone have any insight on this?  What could cause these findings?  Infection?  Lung Cancer?  Inflammation?  Other cancers?

I have no other symptoms except the chest/back pain and some mild fatigue.  No cough.  No shortness of breath.

I am just very confused by this report.
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And now I can't get an appointment with a pulmonologist until mid-January?  Does this mean that it's not anything to be concerned about?
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