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what is a 1cm nodule left lung base

i have a 1.3 nodule on left lung lobe- pet scan recommended?? shows hila and mediastinum within normal limits, no suspect adenopathy.What does this  all mean? Im so worried
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I had a 13mm nodule show up in my lower right lung on a chest x-ray in 2007, and a follow-up CT diagnosed it to be a benign granuloma.  It still shows up on imagining but has not changed in size or appearance since it first appeared.  I've since had a series of low-dose CT screenings that haven't turned up anything new either.
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As an update, the last low dose CT (LDCT) screening I had performed on 12/7 indicated a previously undetected 5 mm module in the lower right lobe, not specifically characterized.  The radiologist recommended a follow up LDCT in three months, which of course I will do.  That's exactly why I do these, to pick up anything suspicious while still early.  
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