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Borderline Positive ANA/Double Strand tests

I was sent from my family dr to Rheum because of a borderline ANA Test.  Still everything shows borderline, with no other symptoms.  I am told not to worry, but how do you not.  They have done another ANA and then the double strand.  Both considered borderline.  Any ideas.  I am lost.
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     If you don't mind me asking, why did you have an ANA done if you have no symptoms? I would not worry until you begin to see symptoms if that ever happens. Many people have a positive ANA test without ever developing symptoms, though it could indicate that you do have an autoimmune disease. I had a positive ANA test done in a blood panel by a gasteroenterologist when I was having gallbladder issues (which I thought was really random to be tested for) and had no autoimmune symptoms really. I did develop some though and a few months later was diagnosed with Lupus. I know it can be scary or at least worrisome having the tests come back positive (it kinda feels like a ticking time bomb) but honestly I viewed it as a blessing. When I started to have symptoms I knew why and it made talking to my doctor a lot easier. Just because you have the positive results doesn't mean you have a disease, but just keep an eye out for symptoms. The quicker you get diagnosed the quicker you start treatment, so the sooner you feel better! Stay positive and don't worry too much. Keep us updated with any changes. Best of luck!
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Thank you for answering!  Why they tested me I don't know.  I went for my yearly exam and I had just had my son.  I had lost alot of weight due to breastfeeding (which had happened with my daughter).  I have anxiety issues which became worse while I was pregnant and breastfeeding.  Since then my weight came back (more than I wanted :) ).  So I don't know.  Like you said I am just waiting.  They never even told me really what to watch for.   So every little ache or anything it stays in the back of my mind.  
Thanks again!!
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What do they consider boarderline?

I assure you, if you had lupus or any other AI diseases, it would be more than a little ache or pain.  They are dibilitating.  In all honesty, I would not give these results a thought.  Healthy people can have a positive ANA.  (usually a low titer)

ANA is a very expensive test, I don't understand why a dr. would run this just for the fun of it.  There must have been a reason.  
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