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Lupus and Diabetes

Can Lupus cause Diabetes.  No one in my family has ever been diagnosed with Diabetes but I had an Uncle who had Lupus.

I was told in 1995 that I needed to be monitored for Lupus by Dr. Scott Zashin after having been admitted to the hospital 4 times from Dec. 1993 and then I was admitted one more time in 1996.  

Of all the test they ran on me, I never once was told I was diabetic but in June of 2005 (after a stressful winter and spring) I suddenly developed diabetes.


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Unfortunately, I have had all the classic symptoms of Lupus, that is the reason I was going to Dr. Scott Zashin who is the worlds top rheumatologist in Dallas Texas.  I don't think he would have said I needed to be monitored for LUPUS if there wasn't any other symptoms.  

If by symptoms you mean

(1) 3 bouts of blood clots in lungs
(2) 5 miscarriages between my two boys (6 1/2 years difference)
(3) cramps in my feet for no known reason since 1980
(4) all joints swollen with aching pain.
(5) admittance to the hospital 5 times between 1993 and 1996 for one infection after another.
(6) Extreme fatigue
(7) sensitive to the sun and certain lighting
(8) edema all over but especially pitting in my legs
(9) swollen glands that are noticable in my neck
(10) last but not least, the butterfly rash across the bridge of my nose

There are more things I have had go wrong but I won't go into them.

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Well, lupus can cause an inflammation of your pancreas - which controls insulin -  but you don't say that you were ever diagnosed with lupus. If you did have lupus - you probably would have some of the more common signs and symptoms of lupus, not just diabetes. Some medications can cause diabetes - especially steroids like prednisone that are used to treat lupus. But you did not mention if you are on any medications. Some people are just unlucky to develop diabetes. Are you overweight?  That can pre-dispose you to diabetes. So depending on the severity of your diabetes, you should consult with your physician who knows your entire history and medications, your weight, and the factors involved that cause diabetes and see if he/she can give you probable cause.
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