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high ana

I just got test results back with my Thyroid at a 6.67 and my ANA came back as 1:640 on a titer of ,1:40 with a nucleolar pattern. I also have raynauds. Not sure what all this means or if all connected. I have a Dr, appt with an Endocrinology later this week. any extra knowledge would be great. Thanks This discussion is related to
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hi, that makes me think that you might have scleroderma or some mixed connective tissue disorder. Your thyroid is pretty ok if that is your TSH but my endo likes to see my numbers in the low range of 4.75 which is optimum. Hope that all is ok with you.
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The new ranges which all doctors and labs should be using have reduced the ranges to typically 0.3 to 3.0 as the "normal range" and most docs will now try to get your tsh below 2.0 if your beingtreated for hypothyroid. Obviously some people feel better above this but most thryroid patients tend to feel great below 2.0- why not join thyroid forum here? that is where I got all this info from recently when I was diagnosed hypo.
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