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Is any of this normal...I am going insane!!!!

I am 41 and dealing with perimenopause, I am having hot flashes (least of my problems) insane brain fog and memory issues (this ***** but whatever) the thing that is horrible for me are the insane rage outbursts and feeling totally out of control. I flip out over everything. I don't understand this and I feel completely out of control. I was prescribed an antidepressant, I don't want to take meds but maybe do a more natural approach. Are these symptoms normal?  I mean is anyone else flipping out or so extremely moody that it is wreaking your life?
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I am a VERY fit and active woman who eats a VERY clean diet...granted my ovaries were taken out so that would make it a bit more harsh I suppose...but although diet and exercise are critical to our well being and over all health it is NOT the cure all...I would suggest getting on a small amount of bio-identical hrt as this will help...a woman's body and brain need estrogen...it is in every cell of our body and the bio-identical hrt are an exact replica of what our body makes...the WHI (Women's Health Initiative) was done on only conjugated hrt...so they can't say bio-identical hrt is not safe because they have not done any studied...I have been on them now for 11 years without any problems...so it may be something for you or it may not...but if you are truly that miserable it is worth investigating! Menopause is hard but it doesn't have to ruin us! ;)
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You are not insane
I am 54 and started with symptoms since I was 50
4 years now of hell.
Symptoms change , some leave , some come.
Start now with acupuncture, healthy diet, lots of grains, veggies, water.
No caffeine, no alcohol , NO Life!
I know it sounds horrible, but try to start now , so when you enter menopause , you will be ahead of the game!
My menopause is horrible, because I did not pay attention and ate drunk and did not rest and now I am paying.
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The symptoms are normal enough for North Americans [Did you know?  That >2/3rds of North Americans are fat or obese?]

How's your health normally?  Coping with stress/anxiety?  Are you at a healthy BMI?  Are you sedentary (sit most of the day), or active (on your feet more than half the day)?  

I ask, because women going through this in poorer countries (long work hours, just about always doing something, limited food budgets) have far less intense symptoms and that's seen as because they're more active and more fit generally (through activity and lower food intake).  Intense exercise a few times a week is unlikely to suffice for North Americans imo.
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