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Ovulate after menopause

I am 65.  Went thru menopause around 50.  This week i began to have feelings in my ovaries like i was ovulating, and began having blood show in my panties and when i go to the bathroom.  It appears to be clotty at times just like i had when i was menustrating and is bright red. It even feels like it when i was shedding and crampy.  I had spinal fusion in november 2019, have been doing keto, intermetiment fasting, and have lost 50 pounds.  I have also started taking collagen.  Blood and urine test showed nothing but a slightly elevated White blood count.  Will need to have more testing done.  But i just wondered if i really could be ovulating and having a period.  I never had any issues with menopause.  One month i just stopped.  No hot flashes, nothing.  Thanks
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Oh gosh, no.  I don't think you'd ovulate after menopause.  It's been 15 years without a period?  So, it's my understanding that ANY post menopausal bleeding needs to be discussed with your doctor right away.  Call your doctor.  This sounds like you may have when you say they still want to do more testing?  Pelvic pain and unusual bleeding after menopause are things we sometimes do associate with cancer as I'm sure you are aware.  So, it's important to work with your doctor.  Is the bleeding just that one time?  What about a vaginal infection?  That was a no?
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Just wanted to see how you are doing.  Anything better yet?
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No uti.  Ultrasound did show polyp in bladder.  US also showed large mass in top of uterus.  Pap smear showed abnormal with positive for HPV  16 and 18.  First abnormal I had ever got.  Did exam inside bladder.  They did not see the polyp so i dont know where that went.  Hystescopy done and large polyp removed.  It and tissue taken from wndrometrial wall all came back benign, thank God.  Still bleeding one week after procedure. Still cramping too.  Have up coming appt. To find out what is next and to discuss pap smear.  Don't know whete bladder polyp went or why i am still having bleeding.  Why polyp formed in uterus and where we go from here.  Thanks.
Holy cow!  I'm SOOOOO glad you went to the doctor!!  You are in recovery mode right now but that will end and then I hope that the other symptoms are gone.  That's a lot you went through but you were smart to get to the doctor and investigate this.  I am very happy things came back benign!! Whew, that's scary.  This is a great reminder to us all that have stopped having a period that if you begin to bleed, get to the doctor so I'm very grateful for your posting!
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