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Tingling, weakness and peri menopause

Hello, I have been on this site for few months now.  In the beginning I started on the MS forum because I had so many neurological symptoms.  MS has been ruled out 2 neurologists including MS specialists.
I'm 48, under tremendous amount of stress.  (Work, newly adopted toddler)
my period started to be all over the place last September and now my last period lasted 17 days past April.
My symptoms started around same time, very slowly with achy fingers.  Then buzzing in hands which move to legs then all over.  It would move around all over my body.  The anxiety it caused has finally reached a point where I was sitting in urgent care needing Xanax to keep me from having a complete meltdown.  I have no hot flashes, weight gain
I think it's partly anxiety causing a lot of my symptoms but has anyone experienced this type of symptoms from Peru menopause?  I do have mild carpal tunnel in both hands. No numbness.  
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I have had problems with my left side in mainly my arm hand shoulder face and leg. I sometimes have numbness burning pain. All different sensations. I had the pain on the right side to begin with. I was referred to a neurologist who did a lumbar puncture and discounted Ms. I was eventually diagnosed with hemisensory migraine. When I had my fourth child my symptoms went to the left but become far worse. Nothing seems to help. I have also started getting palpitations and increased uncontrollable anxiety which has knocked for six. It seems the more irregular my periods the worse the symptoms. Pharmeceuticals make me worse so trying a natural route but early days yet. I have been to A&E a few times and have had further heart testing because of abnormal ecg but that was normal but they are doing more now because I'm getting really bad again. I believe though anxiety can cause so many extreme physical symptoms but it is important to have every test available if for anything for your own piece of mind . Best of luck xxx
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Thank you for your reply.  I went to my regular gp and I talked to him about all my tests and my irregular period and anxiety.  He was very nice and anxiety can cause all kinds of havoc on your body.  I was prescribed klonpin and zoloft.  I'm about 70% better today.  Was it really all anxiety?????
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I have to say, speaking from experience, that anxiety (stress) can cause a host of symptoms that appear so unrelated to each other and sometimes bizarre in nature.  I am in late stage peri and have not experienced the "buzzing" you speak of, but I've experienced other things.  Mostly tendon/ligament/muscle pain and stiffness.  Mostly in the knees and neck/shoulders/upper back now.  But in the very beginning of this 1 1/2 years ago (I am 53) I had tightness in the wrists and ankles.   I felt like I might have carpal tunnel.  I also had that "crawly" sensations of bugs under the skin referred to as formication.  I was and still on anxious, used to cry a lot more but I'm on Bio-identical Progesterone cream which has helped.  I've only had one night sweat and one time where I had a mild hot flash.  I don't get the typical symptoms.  Stress can cause so much!  I was in a very stressful time and job before this happened and as a result my adrenals got fatigued.  I am working on them now with herbal supplements and as a result of that, the cream, meditation, breathing exercises and trying to look at things differently in life I am doing better, but not back to where I'd like to be.  I'm trying to be patient.  It's hard, though for me.  Another lesson for me to learn. :).  Oh, and before I forget for the last several months I've had my blood tested and my absolute lymphocytes (a subcategory of the white blood cells) was low and getting gradually lower.  But since my new routine and outlook the are now back up in the normal range.  Stress does cause some very, very, weird symptoms.  Cortisol will wreak havoc on your body if you're not careful.  Hope this helps.
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It could well be anxiety I have suffered anxiety ever since having my son 6 years ago but I have noticed since missing periods and gaining weight just on my torso the pain has become worse and anxiety has increased. I'm glad you are feeling better though that is great news. I find tablets do not help the anxiety anymore and in fact ale me worse so having hormonal tests and will go from there. I am just 43 but although I had the symptoms 6 years ago nothing comes close to what I have been feeing the last six months. Hope you stay well xx
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