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Vaginal Bacteria

I am 51. I have been going through menopause for about 14 years now, my periods stopped years ago. I have hot flashes bad, am on a antidepressant and nerve medications amongst other medicines for diabetes. Recently I went to see my OB about a vaginal odor that was over bearing and bother some. She done a pap and pelvic exam and said it was vaginal bacteria (bad), I had been treated for this a few years ago and done all  the treatment and it was gone. She gave me an antibiotic this time and all that treatment is gone but I noticed today that the odor is back and I cant figure out why. I am not sexually active so it cant be from having sex. I am so confused, can anyone relate or have any answers for this?
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Hi.  Wow, you started menopause really young!  BV is a pain!  It's persistent at times.  Go back to your doctor and let them swab you again and start antibiotics again if you indeed have it.  Hopefully you don't get a yeast infection from the antibiotics! lol  Such a wonderful thing being a woman sometimes, right?  BV can happen to anyone, sexually active or not.  Try to wear cotton undies and change them frequently especially whenever damp. The pathogens in BV love anaerobic environments such as when it is warm, moist and no air.  Air dry from time to time, maybe sleep without undies a few nights.  Try a small amount of antibacterial soap to wash the folds of your genitals too.  Not inside of your vagina but the outside area in all the creases. Hope this helps.  good luck
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Here is some good news.  I went through menopause at 50 years old. Had hot flashes for 10 days.

Went to my chiropractor that does applied kenisology (AK), NAET and BRT,BODY RESTORATION TECHNIQUE.  

Make sure the chiropractor knows AK and/or NAET OR BRT or both.

Because I started the BRT and NAET so early in the menopause stage. I  received 7 treatments. I am 59 years old now and have NEVER had another shot flash again.  

I  continue to get AK adjustments with my chiropractor, for structural issues and in addition she  also checks my ovaries, bladder, liver, and colon as part of my chiropractor visit.

If any of my organs show an issue she does an adjustment.

In her practice she does NAET and BRT, not just for menopause,  but a full allergy panel, arthritis,  inflammation,  thyroid,  CELIAC disease,  hypertension,  virus,  bacteria,  blood sugar,  etc.

Given your menopause has been going on for years, it may take more treatments.  Just know there is help.

Good luck

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