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Bump on penis that got swollen?

Hey, I had this bump on penis. It kinda looked like a pimple and I popped it. A white liquid came out kinda like puss. A couple weeks later another appeared so I popped it again and it went away. Now another weeks later another one appears. I tried popping it but it got swollen. I’m trying not to panic rn cause it’s embarrassing to tell my parents. Please help
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First, you need to stop popping them. If it's a bacterial thing, you could be spreading it.

Have you ever had any sexual activity? Oral sex, even?

If you were my son, I'd want to know if something was wrong so I could take you to the doctor. I know it is horribly embarrassing to you, but your parents have their own genitals and know that sometimes, things happen.

In the meantime, make sure you are washing the area with a gentle soap (like Dove or Ivory or something not really scented), once a day and keeping it dry (just pat it dry with a towel a couple of times a day).

If you can't tell your parents, is there someone else you can tell? An aunt or uncle? An older brother? Someone?

Let us know what happens. :)
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I just woke up not too long ago an idk of my lips are swollen too.
Maybe you are having an allergic reaction to something. You really do need to tell your parents or another adult, and see a doctor.
can it be a pimple tho?
Well, yeah it could be, but then you got another one, and then another, etc., which makes it more unlikely, and then your lips are swollen. Your lips being swollen wouldn't have anything to do with having a pimple on your penis.
can it also be from using dove cucumber body wash to wank in the showers? I’ve noticed since I started using that they began to appear
That could definitely be it. Get something non-scented, and make sure you are rinsing it all off.

For the genitals, use a non-soap cleanser. Here are some options (not endorsing any of these, and not all of them may be in your area - this is just for info):

https://lifestylefifty.com/soap-free-body-wash/  - There is a really long article here, that you can mostly skip if you want, and the products here are pretty cheap.

There are loads of others, and prices vary wildly, from a few dollars into the hundreds (no need to spend that much ever). Just google non-soap gentle cleansers.

Use lube to masturbate if you can get that. Way better than soap.
thank you so much! Have a good day
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