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Chronic Pelvic Pain and Diverticulitis

Hi guys i have been diagnosed with CPPS or chronic prostatis.
Alongside I have mild diverticulitis and LPR reflux, all my std tests have come back clear and nothing is showing in the bloods or urine, as with similar people on here have mentioned my semen is yellow and very jelly like.
I’m very depressed and anxious which is not helping, lack of sleep is the most distressing thing.
I was put in doxycycline for two weeks and then Ciproflaxcin for 6 weeks and tamosulin.
My prostate is non tender now but I still have symptoms.
Developing oral thrush and the LPR reflux after the antibiotics finished.
I’m really lost and dunno where to turn.
Been to three different urologists and I’ve made no progress.
Thing that alarms me most is lately I’ve had a few lymph nodes swell up then go back to normal and also my neck feels so swollen and joint aches.
Any help or people who have suffered similar with some advice would be massively helpful.
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Something is wrong here.  If you have been diagnosed with CPPS, you have a pelvis problem, not a bacterial infection.  When you are told you have prostatitis, keep in mind that isn't a diagnosis, it's a description of an inflamed prostate gland.  It doesn't tell you why it's inflamed.  It could be a bacterial infection or an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer etc. etc., but again, if the diagnosis is CPPS you do not have a bacterial infection and therefore antibiotics of any kind would not be called for.  So you might want to check again with your doctors, as the antibiotics are not going to be of help with your digestive problems and they might very well have caused them if they didn't exist before you took the antibiotics.  The first thing I'd do at this point is go to the best health food store in your area and buy the best multi-spectrum probiotic from the refrigerated section of the supplement dept.  I'd also think about trying eating fermented and cultured foods such as kim chi or pickles or sauerkraut or miso soup because they provide good food for your probiotics, which are your beneficial organisms and are necessary to be healthy for you to have proper digestion.  Antibiotics kill them, and you've been on an intense program, so you have to recover your colony of these organisms.  You also need to look at your diet and see what you might be eating that you can't digest properly and cut it out.  If you do indeed have CPPS, that's what you have to get treated, and I'm no expert but you can do your homework on it.  Nobody seems to know exactly what causes it, but there are palliative treatments and perhaps a cure if you find an expert doc.  Your doc might not be one.  They tend to hang out at university hospitals and places like the Mayo Clinic and the like, and aren't always available where we live, where the docs are likely to be quite ordinary and might be good for you but also might not be the best at handling difficult issues like this one.  In sum, what you've been treated for is a bacterial infection, but you list a diagnosis which doesn't involve one and therefore would not call for antibiotics.  So you should be confused and need to find out exactly what's going on here.  If your current docs can't answer why they gave you antibiotics if you don't have a bacterial infection, causing you a host of other problems, find different docs.  Peace.
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Thank you, super kind of you to respond, the urologist said it was usual practice to treat Prostatis or CPPS with Ciproflaxcin and tamosulin for 6 weeks, my urinary frequency has got better and when they re-examened my prostate it was not so tender.
After a week off the antibiotics my other symptoms began, oral thrush, LPR reflux and diverticular colitus.
I also got chronic back pain and the urologist said it’s probably CPPS.
I have a burning mouth and during the last couple of month two lymph nodes have swollen up and been painful but then gone down.
So much crazy stuff happening to me so I’m freaking out, thinking it’s every bad disease under the sun.
I’ve tested loads of times to make sure it’s not a STD 14 times in fact!
My bloods and urine are normal.
Doctors think it could be anxiety driven too, but I’m in physical pain, how can it be anxiety
A quick internet search showed that CPPS is not a bacterial infection, and therefore antibiotics would not be called for.  Saw a good article on several prostatitis problems on the Harvard medical website.  Your other problems are probably, given the timetable, due to complications of taking such a heavy course of antibiotics.  So I'm still confused.  It's not an STD.  Anxiety you would know because you would be thinking anxious thoughts to the point of having a really hard time in life for it to be so bad as to cause this level of physical problems.  Anxiety is a disease of thoughts that turn on us, and you'd know if you were irrationally scared all the time.  I'm not a doctor nor a urologist, my info came from internet research as I've had prostate problems and surgery and so I was interested.  What came up, again, is that if you were correctly diagnosed with CPPS, which again isn't caused by a bacterial infection, why the antibiotics?  It sounds like your urologist might not actually know what's going on and threw the kitchen sink at it.  Which might work if it was a bacterial infection, but again, antibiotics can be hard on the immune system and so if it wasn't a bacterial infection it would have been bad medicine to give them to you.  For better info, of course, see better docs.  Peace.
Thx Paxiled, you response and time in this have been super kind and helpful.
I think initially he thought it was chronic Prostatis and as you said threw the kitchen sink at it.
It’s been a long story my problems started on the 18 of December after a kind of exposure where I felt I injured my down belows.
That evening I felt very sore and the next day it was stinging and I was peeing every 30 mins.
It just continued from there, one GP gave me Nitroforiteen for suspected urine infection, then as they were not helping another GP gave me Doxcycline, for two weeks.
My urine and bloods were normal at this point, but I was still in pain and went to a urologist who examined me for a tender prostate.
He put me in Ciproflaxcin and tamosulin for 6 weeks.
My stomach problem started about two weeks into the antibiotics.
After A week after I finished my course of antibiotics I developed Oral Thruh and LPR reflux, I was also diagnosed with after having a colonoscopy Diverticula Colitus.
I have had crazy anxiety and been very depressed not knowing what it is.
I even put into my head that I have HIV and tested 14 times in 5 months.
So yes massive stress.
I just can’t shake the physical symptoms, there are so many, burning mouth now as well.
Doctors put everything down to anxiety and stress but I just can’t believe that.
Again, when docs can't do the job, they blame anxiety.  But if you weren't an anxious person before this all happened, that couldn't have been the problem, obviously, and us anxiety sufferers know who we are.  Can't really miss it, the mind is a mess.  So that's not you then.  And if you didn't have any of these digestive and thrush problems, you've got a classic case of those who get bad problems from taking antibiotics, and you had a ton of them.  They can also cause mental problems as well, as the beneficial organisms they kill off also have a big role in our mental health.  I can see now though why they might have done it, but new guidance, which isn't all that new, is you don't use antibiotics unless they're necessary and you know why you're using them.  Overuse resulted in lots of digestive and immune system problems, chronic yeast infections and the like, recurrent infections of other kinds, and germs resistant to all the antibiotics we have in the arsenal.  I would say that if you had an event that injured you, that sort of thing usually goes away with time all on its own as any minor injury does.  I don't know you so I can't know if you are an anxiety sufferer, but you know you.  I also wonder if the urologist ever put a scope down your urethra and took a look at your prostate.  Isn't as bad as it sounds.  But as you explain more, the symptoms do sound like what you might feel if you had a UTI.  But your tests came back clean, so again, they were just trying stuff because they didn't actually know and that's the same reason they often cite anxiety.  I would do the probiotic thing and do the dietary thing to get stuff under control, but as to the original problem, don't know, but it does appear your current docs don't either.
Thank you so much, you been a proper legend for answering some of my questions, I am too coming round to thinking that the good intentions of giving me Antibiotics and especially a level 2 one in Ciproflaxcin has messed me right up.
I’m feeling better now it’s just mainly my gut, reflux and mouth pain, if this is from thrush or not I don’t know.
Been off the antibiotics for two months, so not sure why it hasn’t cleared.
But I guess since I was on them for so long maybe that’s why.
To be fair though I have been crazy anxious to what has been going on and that’s hasn’t helped at all.
Thx again
I wish you all the best.
Danspur, one of the many useful comments made by Pax above is to go to a health-food store and get some high-quality probiotics (the kind kept in the fridge, not a bottle of pills off the shelf) and take them to rebuild your system. You say it's been a couple of months and your problem from taking so many antibiotics hasn't "cleared." It's more a matter of bringing back something that has been swept clean, and can take longer than two months for someone on an average modern diet to rebuild the good biota in their gut.

Also, look up illness anxiety disorder and excessive rumination. While you have real medical issues (it's not all in your head), getting tested 14 times for HIV shows that your fears are running the show, something about as useful as letting a 5-year-old drive a car. People can fall down the rabbit hole with worries and obsessions about health, and when you find yourself in such a position it's a very good idea to see a mental-health counselor. Yes, you want to find out what is wrong from your doctor, and no, you don't want irrational obsession to rule. See a good counselor and that will help you sort this.
Thank you for your comments, really appreciated, felt very alone during this period, so having some advice is so helpful and gives me encouragement to move forward.
Another of the many good things about talking to a counselor or therapist is that you aren't alone with your problems any more. Seems like a small thing, but it can be a big help. :-)  
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