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Crack on forskin of Penis

Hello, I have small cracks developed on my Penis forskin and those have become deep from last 2 days .. I have not had intercourse but I had flu last 2 weeks and I cld see my skin dry their and I did mastrubate which has elevated those cracks and now they are deep (I m not doing any mastrubation/sex for days). I dont have any white discharge but the skin is swolen on the penil forehead (I am un circumcised 40 year male). I have jsut started using clotrimazole cream since 1 day. Any help on this. Picture attachde
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Pic didn't come through.  These things happen.  Have you recently used a different detergent, soap, condom, or lubricant?  Fragrances in particular can be allergenic to many people.  They can be quite irritating especially under a foreskin. Try soaking your unit in warm water with (unflavored) oatmeal in it twice daily for a few days.  Apply a neutral non-fragranced skin cream, and maybe some triple antibiotic ointment mixed in.
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It sounds like you have a fungus infection. Give the clotrimizole cream time to work.
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