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Help w/testosterone levels 20 y/o male

I'm asking this question regarding results from my son's most recent bloodwork--I'm concerned about the lack of concern from the endocrinologist

3 months ago, testosterone levels were low  298  
                      free testosterone- 57
                      free % 1.9
                      SHBG- 18
                      no prolactin levels tested

This week:  Testosterone levels 279
                  free Testosterone 59
                  free % 2.1
                  SHBG 17
                  prolactin 28

endocrinologist (nurse- we're waiting to hear from the endo herself) said, the testosterone levels were at the low end of normal, so nothing to be concerned about..   Considering last time the level was higher and she was concerned, and now it's 20 points lower, and that for a 90 year old man his levels would be considered extremely low..  

He does take certain medications which could impact those levels, but I'm a bit concerned about her just shrugging it off especially since he has so many symptoms of low testosterone levels like
Brain fog  
- Poor memory.
- Mood swings.
- Irritability.
- Lack of motivation.
-poor sleep secondary to achy muscles

would appreciate some feedback and should we be taking this to a different type of doctor or is the endocrinologist the right one
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ok u can leave me good question u didn't described me clearly so pls tell me clearly whats ur sons problem whats his age and his daily activity
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he's 20, daily activity level is low.  the levels were posted in the original post, concern is that the doctor doesn't seem to think his levels are anything to be concerned about, I disagree based on what I've been reading.. if he were 99 years old, his levels would be considered low... has ongoing symptoms of low testosterone as well.  I  want to know if I am being unduly concerned and we should be challenging this doctor to come up with a better assessment or change doctors?  thx
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You should be concerned, those levels are abnormally low. I have talked to my Endo and she told me a similar story and the person she was telling me about came off antidepressants and had some testosterone replacement therapy which brought him back to normal within 6 months. If changing or coming off medication is not an option for your son then I don't think there is much your Endo can do. Once she identified the cause of the low test results (I'm assuming it's caused by the medication) there may be nothing more she could do. If your son begins replacement it may interfere with his problem that he is taking medication for. What I mean is the testos Replacement may not mix well with the medication he is taking. If the medication does not cause low testos then get another Endocrinologist. I would have him checked regularly for breast tissue development. Once it has been there for six months he will never be reversed/lossed.
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Hi Joeyboots76- thanks for responding..  What my concern is, we've been treating him for those problems w/o much success ( w/those meds) so for all along, it is quite possible that it's the low testos levels causing the symptoms, so we've been looking in the wrong place all along.  The endo still hasn't called me back, which is annoying me to no end now that it's over 24 hours and she definitely got our message from yesterday according to her office.  I think it's time to look for another endo.  I asked my son (he wasn't so thrilled about my asking him about this) about sex drive, by prefacing it with the info that most men think about sex a lot of times a day, and did he or was it less than once a day.. he said definitely less than once a day.. that is so not normal for a 20 year old guy.  Something is definitely amiss (and the only anti-depressant he is on is wellbutrin which is not supposed to affect sex drive like the other AD's_)
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