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I have watery semen every time i ejaculated, after a long period of time

As the titel suggests, I have watery semen when I ejaculate, I've had it for a long period of time, and not a big problem, its not painful or anything , but its like water which is just a little denser then usual. I'm between the ages of 14 and 20.
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At the Age of 14 to 20 it's normal to have a watery semen. You Don't need to worry about it
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At your age somewhere between 14 and 20, I wouldn't worry. It could be hormonal. https://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/watery-semen#causes . Low sperm count is typically the reason for thinned, watery semen. It may be hormones causing that for you at your young age. Frequent masturbation is more prone to cause this as well as your sperm count may be lower after a lot of ejaculation experiences close together. But you say this is the opposite. Get enough zinc? Zinc deficiency is also on the list. So, I'd just keep your eye on it. But am guessing it's fine.
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