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What kind of sperm test

Hey. please help.
Is there a sperm test that can detect any sign of infection or inflammation? Im sure that the basic sperm test (sperm count, quality & motility analysis)   Cant detect infection or inflammation.
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Unless you're looking to see if the sperm itself is infected, probably the kind of test that examines whether infection or inflammation is present in your system would be a blood test, or possibly a urine test.  Talk with your doctor and explain what kind of infection or inflammation you suspect.
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There is such a thing as a semen culture test, (which doesn't sound like what you are asking about above because you said a sperm culture test), in which semen is tested the way blood might be tested, to check for infection. You could ask your doctor about that, I don't know when it would be used in preference to a blood test.

The main thing is, talk to your doctor about your symptoms, and ask what kind of things might cause them or say what you're worried about, and the doctor should know what kind of tests are appropriate to order.
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Why?  What is it you're concerned about?  Sperm doesn't really get inflamed, right?  So is the problem your prostate?  
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What I mean us, sperm is made, used, and then it's gone forever and the process starts all over again.  There are tests for things like sperm motility to see if they are healthy enough to swim but again, individual sperm don't have a long shelf life.  
probably fertility issues.
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