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Is it possible for a testicle to hide a lump by rotating?

Good day to you all. I'm a 33 year old man and about 5 years ago I noticed a hard rice sized/bb lump attached to my right testicle on the right side closer to the middle area and bottom. After messing with it, It quickly grew to the size of a pea, and stayed that size and lasted for about 3 years, but then suddenly 2 years ago it disappeared and left me in shock and relief. But earlier this year I noticed another rice sized/bb lump attached to the same testicle on the right side in a similar spot as the old one.

When the first lump disappeared 2 years ago I was happy, but confused and tried searching every where on my testicle to try to find it.  But I didn't find it again, and I always wondered where it went, and because of this new lump I found this year I've come up with 3 possibilities of what could have happened to it, and i will love your opinions on the possibilities.

Here are the possibilities: 1. The testicle rotated and hid the old lump from view, and it's still there, so this is a new lump forming. 2. The old lump really disappeared and this is a new lump forming again. Or 3. The old lump just shrunk and I'm just now finding it again.

Here's some background on me: I had hernia surgery on that same testicle when I was about 10-12 years old. I've always had reoccurring pain in both testicles for years especially that one. And I took more notice of that pain 5 years ago when I found the first lump and I thought that lump could be the cause. After I found that lump I did research and came across something called a hematocele. They said it's can be caused by surgery. So I immediately thought about my hernia surgery and thought that may be what the lump was.

I only noticed it getting bigger after I started messing with it. So could it be possible that it was always there after my surgery as a bb sized lump, and I made it temporarily get bigger by messing with it? And then it shrunk back down? Can hematoceles grow and shrink back down to original size?

That's the main possibility I'm hoping for which would be possibility 3.

I look forward to hearing your opinions on this, thanks.
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My first question is why you haven't seen a doctor about this and gotten answers to these questions long ago.

This could be related to your hernia surgery - might be scar tissue.

Hematoceles aren't usually bb sized lumps, as I understand it.

Sometimes testicular cancers can appear as pea sized lumps, though they probably wouldn't disappear.

You need to see a doctor. No one can diagnose this online. You'll likely need some imaging - for sure you'll need a doctor to examine you and feel it.

If money/lack of insurance is a concern, call your local health department and ask what resources they have for you.

Please call your doctor or the health dept today, and let us know what happens. Good luck!

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