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My penis and pelvic floor are numb.

For the past year and a half I've been having persistent Erectile Dysfunction. I don't get morning wood or random erections anymore. I also notice that my penis has lost its sensitivity. It feels numb. When I try to masturbate, I'm getting little to no sensation. My pelvic/pudendal area is also tight and numb. I've also lost my ability to be sexually aroused. I have no sexual desire, dreams, thoughts, or attractions. Before when I would see an attractive person I would get strong sexual arousal and an erection. Now I feel nothing.

I've also been having body aches and muscle tension all over my body. I've been having persistent neck stiffness. When I turn my head it gets worse. I also get this in my upper back, lower back, arms and legs.

I'm also having issues with my reward system.

I began seeking medical attention back in July 2021. My doctor did my Vitals (Heart rate and Blood Pressure), I did an EKG, he took my Blood work, and I did a Urinalysis. Everything came back normal except my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) was mildly elevated.

A month went by with no improvement with my symptoms so I decided to speak to a Urologist. The Urologist was pretty dismissive. He asked me a series of questions and he looked at my Blood work and Urinalysis from my GP and concluded he doesn't think anything physical is contributing to my symptoms and believes it's psychological.

I paid better attention to my symptoms and noticed since I've been having these symptoms I've been having persistent body aches.

My doctor ordered me an X-Ray of my Cervical Spine. It came back normal. I did 8 sessions of Physical Therapy. It didn't help.

I just got two MRI's. One on my Cervical Spine and Brain. My Brain MRI came back normal, but my Cervical showed that I have straightening of my Cervical Lordotic Curve which may indicate Cervical Muscular Spasm. I also have Mild Disc Dehydration at C5-C6.

I am going to follow up with my doctor next week.

I may go see a Chiropractor. I also want to see a Neurologist. I may even go back to speak to a Urologist. With the last Urologist I spoke with, I didn't mention that I have numbness in my groin area. I also want to get my Lumbar and Pelvic region scanned as well as maybe getting my heart checked out.

All in all I'm still in my testing and treatment phase.

I've been taking Vitamins and Supplements to see if that would help. I'm taking a Multivitamin as well as supplements that's supposed to help with sexual health including: Maca Root, Horny Goat Weed, L-Arginine and L-Citrulline.

I just want these symptoms to go away. I want my sexual function back, my reward system back, and these body aches to go away.

What do you guys think?
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Had you recently had Covid before these symptoms started?
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No. If I had Covid, I must've been asymptomatic.  I haven't got sick throughout this whole pandemic. My doctor was going to check to see if I had Covid, but since I got the vaccine and developed antibodies he didn't bother.
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