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Penis head is chafed and won't really heal

So, the head of my penis at the front and sides, but not the back, has very small vertical lines/tears. The back is relatively smooth. I've tried to stop sexual activity for periods of time to allow it to heal, but I haven't seen any progress. Should I wait longer? I usually try 2 weeks, but it's hard not to be sexually active with a girlfriend. I also get some residue under the head and a bit in the small vertical tears on the head each morning even though I wash my penis gently and thoroughly each day. Is there something that can help repair the tip of my penis? Like a moisturizer or over the counter treatment? What about Vaseline? I would really love and appreciate any kind of advice or help
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Have you ever considered something like Gold Bond powder? Works pretty well for chafing if that is what it is. Might be worth a try.
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Have you seen a doctor? You may have a fungal or bacterial infection, and might need prescription treatment.

If you've tried home treatment for a long time, and it's not working, it's time to see the doctor.
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Oh and stop having sex with anyone. You could be making it worse, and if it's fungal, it might be contagious.
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