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Penis head redness and light red, pinkish, smooth, dry spots on foreskin and shaft

I am not sure if it is just me looking into my penis too much but about three to four weeks ago I noticed that my penis head was normal pale colour at the tip and as it gets to about half way it fades into a more darker red colour at the bottom half (Its as if there is more blood in the bottom half of my penis head) . I have has no symptoms really at all, no burning, no itching on the penis, no pain etc. I then had this small round, dry, smooth red patch come up on the tip of the foreskin on the right side. For a couple days it would be a bit itchy maybe for half an hour or so in the morning and then stop. The redness has faded now, but if i rub it or masturbate (irritate it) it goes redder and then fades down again after a while. It looks dry, smooth, shiny, reddish colour. Also on the shaft of my penis I have noticed a few small pinkish, dry circular patches of skin in different areas. In all I have no symptoms at all, just the strange penis head redness and the dry spots reddish patches on foreskin and shaft. At the start of the year I did jock itch on the insides of my legs in the groin area. I play and train for sport everyday and am always sweating and wearing wet underwear. Could this be a fungal infection??  I have had thrush before from my girlfriend. I could only upload one picture, thats of the small pinkish, red dry spots on shaft.
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Sounds like a yeast infection. Guys can get them too. Go see a dermatologist.
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It very much sounds like a fungal infection.

Make an appointment to see your doctor.  He can take a swab of the penis and get that analysed at the laboratory to confirm his diagnosis.

Sometimes the doctor will know by the appearance.  He can prescribe an antifungal medication to take by mouth and also an antifungal cream that you can apply to the area.  Some of the lower strength medications can be purchased without a prescription from pharmacy so you can ask the pharmacist for his advice.  A doctor can prescribe stronger and longer doses of antifungal medications to take by mouth and also stronger antifungal creams or spray.

As you already know, you can this from having sex with your girlfriend if she has it.  It is therefore important that you both get checked out and both get treated at the same time otherwise you will be passing it to each other.

Always wear cotton underpants as this will help your skin to breathe.  As you will already know fungus loves moisture and heat.  Do not use normal soaps as this dries out the skin.  Use soaps that have the same pH level as the skin, those without any perfume, baby washes should be fine.  Wash your clothes in non biological washing detergents and use only the fabric softeners for sensitive skin.   You can use emollients instead of soap and you can purchase these from the pharmacy.

As a home remedy, you can apply natural set yogurt to the washed and gently dried penis or genital area.  You can apply this as long as is required, you will not get side effect from this.  Your girlfriend can also apply yogurt to her cleaned and dried genitals if she is experiencing itching and soreness.

Do be aware too that having antibiotic medications can bring on fungal and yeast infections and you may require an a prescription for antifungal medication from your doctor so that you can take it at the same time.  The strength and length of the course of antifungal medications does depend on how bad the fungal infection is.

You may also have a reaction to the latex condom.  You can purchase latex free condoms these days.`
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