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Should I be worried about bacteria in my semen?

I had a UTI in Feb, think it turned into prostatitis after. Treated it with 40 days of cipro and 14 days of doxycycline. Should I be worried that I have bacteria in my semen? My current girlfriend is curious since it is a big deal for us. I'm assuming no but would like to know everyone's opinion!it is hard to get seen during covid so we are a bit down about that aspect.
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You could have a test done to see if there is any bacteria in your sperm.

Do they know what bacteria caused your prostatitis?

In the meantime, you could always use a condom for sex until you are sure, but chances are, after 40 days of antibiotics, there isn't any bacteria.
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Okay, so my girlfriend and I should not worry about our sex?

I may be curious for that test but not sure how to get one. It seems like my urologist has stopped reaching out to me with isnt helpful, I will give them a call.

Umm No i do not know what exact bacteria, the doctors don't tell me they just say "infection". I would assume it was Ecoli based on research for UTI
I would call and ask what bacteria it was. You have the right to know this stuff. So does your girlfriend, if you are having unprotected sex with her.

If you are symptom free, you can probably safely assume that the infection is gone.

You can call your doctor and ask for a semen test to check for infection, or if they think it's necessary, or if you need a test of cure. What is routine for your doctor, and likely lacks urgency to him, isn't routine to you. Sometimes doctors need to be reminded of this. You have a right to ask your questions.
So I called and confirmed that when they sent my urine for culture, there was no bacterial growth! they said there were positive nitrates in the urine and a bit of blood. I am totally confused because I would have thought bacteria caused this as my pain happened like 2 days after sex.

My Doctor was real good with me today and requested 3 different ultrasounds, abdomen, prostate, and scrotum. Also I was given a requisition form for a PSA test and another Urine test. They said we will look at treatment if its needed after these tests.
That's awesome. I'm glad you're going to get all that testing done. It's not common for doctors to be so responsive, and I'm glad yours is. :)

Let us know what happens.
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You've been fully treated for the UTI, correct?  Taken antibiotics and the infection/uti is gone?  Then there would be no chance of bacteria.  You were on antibiotics to clear bacteria and I'd assume it worked or you yourself would still be having symptoms of the uti.  While there is potential for some contamination of sperm, I'd personally not worry about this in your situation since you've been on antibiotics.  Normally you'd see sperm being less mobile and less in quantity or number.  Here's an article looking at contamination of sperm.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2649329/  But remember, you took a hefty dose of antibiotics so that would essentially rid your body of bacteria.  Talk to your doctor to confirm.  
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I believe so. I mean treatment is usually Cipro for about 10 days so yes. I was on 40 days. I think my concern would be would bacteria be hiding in my prostate? i heard this could happen but no doctors offices are open right now for me to even check so it is getting to me. I still don't feel 100% normal down there but much better than the past. was debating on even making a hospital visit sine they do have the resources to check.
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