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Why does my penis burn?

The tip of my penis has been burning this week. It has hurt a little bit when I use the bathroom, like a 1 out of 1-10. It also burns if I just touch it in the right spot or if it happens to rub up against my pants in just the right spot. The only thing I can think of is that I have been mastrubating too much or too hard, although I haven’t done anything different that I normally do. I have been masteubating for a year, usually 3 times a week. I only use my hand, I don’t use any lubricant, toy or anything else. This week, it’s hurt a little bit when I orgasm, like a 3 out of 1-10. Is it possible that I have been mastrubating too hard or to much, and should I stop for a little while? I’m going to go see my doctor in March, and I would rather him not know I mastrubate. I hope that I can get the pain to stop before I go I go see him in March. I’m afraid that he’ll find something really wrong, and that I’ll be forced to tell my parents. I would rather them not know that I mastrubate. What is the problem and how can I fix it, preferably without telling my doctor and still being able to mastrubate? I’m 24, single, I have never had sex or been in a relationship. I hope this has not confused you.

Thanks for answering!
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It sounds as though you are a circumcised guy who needs to use lubricant.

Most circumcised guys who try to masturbate without lubrication are likely to experience friction irritation and pain.

If you don’t have a foreskin, then you will need external lubrication You will need to learn to slide your hand up and down the shaft. Some males purchase a personal lubricant, which is designed to provide lubricant for sexual intercourse. Others may use petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline (which is greasy), baby oil, vegetable oil, or saliva. Some foreskinned males also like to use lubrication, although it is not strictly necessary.

Products with harsh and irritating chemicals should be avoided. Shampoo and body wash have been reported to cause irritation.

Soap dries out the natural oils so it should be avoided as a lubricant. It should be used only in an emergency.


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Hi, thank you for responding. I should have put it in my question, but I am not circumcised. I have never had any operation done on my penis.
Then I do not know why your penis is burning.   You might try putting some Vaseline on the irritated area to see if that soothes it.

Perhaps you should see a doctor.
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