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Will irritated epididymal cyst cause future problems ?

Hi. I’m 20 year old male , 5ft11, 75kg. I irritated my epididymal cyst about a week ago by touching it too much which caused it to become inflamed. This has lead to a lot of pain in my scrotum and lower abdominals. However the pain has almost completely disappeared and I believe the inflammation is also nearly gone. Because the cyst was inflamed will this cause aches in the future ? Also once the inflammation has gone will the  cyst return to its previous size or get larger ? Thanks
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Are you sure that's what this is? Most of the time, an epididymal cyst isn't painful, and may just cause a feeling of heaviness. Has this been evaluated by your doctor?  How big did it get?

If it is just an epididymal cyst, it shouldn't cause any future problems. Just be sure to leave it alone, and not irritate it, but definitely get it checked by your doctor to be sure.
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It’s definitely an epidymal cyst. I’m a hypochondriac and thought the cyst was getting bigger which lead me to squeeze and palpate it a lot and lead to the inflammation. Apparently it’s normal for the cyst to get larger when it’s inflamed but it should return to its normal size. I’m just wondering if the irritation will have triggered the cyst to grow and if once the inflammation is gone The aches will return?
Inflammation is the response to injury or illness - the redness, tenderness, swelling. Once that's gone, and things go back to normal, the aches should be what they were before - if it ached before, it might again. If it didn't, I don't expect that it would again.

Are you getting care for your hypochondria and anxiety? If it's leading you to cause  physical harm to yourself, you should really consider it.
Thank you. I’m not a hypochondriac per se but someone who worries too much. Do you think once the inflammation is over, that the cyst will grow. Also when I’m sleeping, I move about which sometimes cause minor irritation. Will this be an issue or will I be fine as long as the inflammation goes away ?
I can't predict the future - no one can.

Really, though, we have years of science that say if you leave this alone, it should go back to what it was before.

Most people move when they sleep, and yet other men still recover from this, right?

Seriously, this is anxiety - worrying too much. If you haven't considered it before, consider getting some help for it. You deserve to find peace, or at least some coping skills.
My cyst inflammation and aching had greatly subsided. However, I masturbated yesterday, although I made sure that my testicle wasn’t moving. However today I woke up with some aching, could this be because I ejaculated? Also, A few hrs ago I moved some furniture and I feel even more aching. I’m worried that I’m going to be in as much pain when I wake up tomorrow, as I was when the pain started 2 weeks ago. I feel stupid and I’m really worried that I’ve caused permanent damage. Will the aching eventually go again as long as I rest, or have I made the condition chronic?
Are you supposed to be doing things like moving furniture?

You need to call your doctor just to make sure everything is okay.

Have you addressed your concerns about long-term pain with your doctor? Your doctor knows the history here, the size, location, etc., and can address your concerns far better than we can.

Also ask about what you should be avoiding, if anything. Let us know what he says.
The aching isn’t really anything serious. It’s just that I was improving a lot and this irritation has caused a bit more aching. I was just wondering whether this will go away if I give it more time.
I can't answer that for you. You should be talking to your doctor about this, since this is an ongoing issue for you.
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