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discomfort during ejaculation


I'm 28 year old men unmarried. i feel abnormal in recent days during mastrubation like at the end of ejaculation i feel like something blocking the passage of semen. and having the sensation that semens has not been ejaculated properly. im finding this issue for past 2 3 weeks i feel this change after impropely postioned orgasm during mastrubation. i dont feel this pain all the time but at times. should i consult a doctor or it due to regular mastrubation if so should i stop mastrubatin completely for a while.

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Reduce you frequency of masturbation. I think you will be OK.
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I think you should consult a doctor. probably this is called intrograde *sp?. Seamen instead of going into urethra it goes back to prostate. I do not remember the exact mechenism fully.There can another reason as well. So do consult a doctor.
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wants to ad some point. I feel the discomfort only at bottom top of the orgasm.

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thank you sir,

I have stopped mastrubating for few days and it was keep disturning had to check and so have started again. how would i knw it is actually working with ejaculation for that had to mastrubate. so confusing.i can also see nerves in erected state even after ejaculation. that was really strange.

plz advise me on this shuold i really be worried in this case? or it is common
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