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oral sex with gf, wondering about vein damage?

It's probably nothing, but I am little concerned. The lower part of the vein near the bottom of the shaft is a lil... inflamed, which go figure is because the mouth is full of teeth, we were both gentle it's been a few hours, but the vein may have slightly "nicked" one of the teeth on the way out. There is no outside damage, and it's only mildly painful (I know were to go if it gets worse), but I need reassurance it's nothing severe. Dunno if it's keywords but as usual google brought up minimal about it, more along the lines of damage or pain to the girls throat.

I can possibly post a picture but this is a public forum I'd rather not, I am aware there's one to one patient-to-doctor sites or forms online about this too. I would be concerned if it was like "blocked" or whatever, you know like backing up with blood, but there is none of that, but it's too early to tell. What do you think?
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Yeah, I'd agree it's probably just from a nick with teeth. Maybe try an ice pack if it's inflamed visibly, or if it's sore - keep it on no longer than 20 min, and don't put ice directly on your skin. If you need to reapply the ice, wait at least 20 minutes to do so.

If it swells more, or the pain gets worse, get it checked out, but I say that out of an abundance of caution, not because I expect it to.

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thank you for the response. I don't want to play doctor but it matches up with *superficial* dorsal vein injury, pretty sure the prognosis is good for that right. I don't know how common it is I'd imagine fairly. What worries me is the slight "pooling" of blood next to the dorsal vein, it's not like the dorsal vein itself but it's the right side of it leading to a capillary where it has slightly pooled. Downstairs slightly red because of blood flow. I had this issue once years ago due to 'jeliqing' and it healed so I should be fine.
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It sounds like maybe a burst blood vessel, if the skin isn't broken).  It's a fairly common occurrence (happens to me on my fingers every once in awhile).  If so, it might look like a bruise and be tender for a bit, but it's not permanent nor would it cause other damage.
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skin isn't broken nope. so like no chance of ED for more than like a few days-week?
OK, so no one here is going to give you 100% on anything, particularly since we can't diagnose the cause.  However, from your description of the injury in the reply to auntiejessi, it certainly sounds like a broken blood vessel that would cause zero permanent damage.  It's most similar to a bruise.
thank you.
And a hint, if you have a partner who uses her teeth, gently and nicely explain not to do that.  Everyone seems to think sex isn't something we need to learn how to well, but you know, teeth don't feel so good on that body part.  Just sayin'
I had told her, like at first there was super light tooth use for a **, for extra feeling (no damage done all good there). But this time the "gag" reflex caused her to recoil and mildly scrape the side of the vein, by accident, and was apologetic about it later.
Ok it's been many months, right now the actual mark is sitll there, I had it semi-checked along with my other issue and the doc said it's there but probably nothing to worry about, and if you can still get an erection many months after it's happened you should be fine. I do occasionally get pain there though, I tried iceing it down with a paper towel in between, went away came back, I wonder if it'll ever actually heal. Thankfully it was just a nick to the side not a cut through the top of the vein, then I'd be in worse places. Turns out also (for readers here) this is a rare sexual injury, 0.2 percent reported as a bite mark to the penis.
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