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testicles pain

hello guys from one week i get some burning in my two testicles
when the burning stop i get a pain in my right testicle and sometime in my right with abdominal pain and sometimes between my two testicles and not always it go and come and the pain come to my groin

i did the self exam no lump no nothing

i did blood tests all thing is normal
eco nothing is abnormal
urinate test all is fine
sorry for my bad engilsh

i m 17 any help ???
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  First of all, occassional pain in testicles is common because of its anatomic constraints. Make sure that you do not strain them during the day by using suitably supporting under garments. If you had a late puberty, it may be also due to growth period of the testecles as some children do get some pain during this period, especially due to more physical activities with inadequate support.
Also, nowadays youngsters heavily use laptops, and other internet devices keeping them in their lap, and in such cases, it is also possible to virtually fry the testicles due to heat radiation and electromagnetic radiations, if you are using them, never keep them in your lap while working.  

Negative blood and urine tests have confirmed you do not have a urinary infection. Since both testicles are having pain, it may be also due to some inflammation / infection of the prostate, which may not show up in the tests.

In any case, you should not take any chance, you need to consult a urologist  and get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Good luck,

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Have you been checked for vericocele veins in your testicles? A urologist can do this a well. Could explain the pain your having.
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