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Testogel (TRT), 50 mg, 1x/week. Effect on testicles?


I exercise 6x/week hard. 44 years old. I am muscular and healthy. Due to project-related sleep problems a few months ago, my testosterone levels were low. My urologist warned me that my testosterone levels should be fine once the project-related stress disappears. So far, so nice.

However, I ordered Testogel (50 mg) testosterone replacement gel. I used it perhaps once per week or once every 2 weeks. I cannot tell yet if it affects muscle gains, but surely, I feel slightly different on it.

I use it usually only when I do not have enough sleep or when I am about to meet a woman.

My question:

- Is there an effect on my testicles in the long term if I use it merely 1x/week? I do not want to harm my natural testosterone production, as you can imagine.
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How low were your testosterone levels when they were low?

Have you tested again since the project is over?

One thing to note, is that this can be dangerous to women if they are pregnant or breastfeeding, so if any of your partners are breastfeeding or pregnant, you shouldn't use it. They shouldn't even touch it on your skin.

It's designed to use daily for men with low testosterone, and all the studies were done of men with that condition. It's hard to say what will happen to you if you use it weekly with normal levels. I'm not sure why you'd use it if your levels are normal.

It's impossible to say what could happen from using this. Nothing may happen, or something might. At 44, I'm not sure why you would. Are you having issues with erections?

If you're having issues with erections, that could be from stress, or it could be a sign of an underlying medical problem, like a heart condition, for example. If everything physical hasn't been ruled out, do not take any more of this, and follow up with your doctor. If you are having issues with stress, maybe work with a counselor on that. It's a much healthier approach than this.

Thank you for your answer.

I did not test again. But it is a good idea to do another test, perhaps in 2 weeks. I will keep taking Testogel 50 mg once per week until then for better comparison.

TRT, or Testogel in this case, is quite common among bodybuilders and heavy lifters. Testogel 50 mg is rather a small dose. I lift myself approx. 225-250 kg, so, yeah, it is probably about exercise enhancement in my case.

I noticed that the gel lifts my mood too, and sex is slightly different. No, I do not have erection problems, but I like the mood feeling of the increased testosterone, of course.

The big question remains, I guess, after what time does 50 mg of Testogel affect your testicles if you take it once per week, right? My testicles look fine. No change there. I wonder if it has even an enhancing effect on the testicles, if you take it rarely, but in addition to regular heavy lifting. But this may be just wishful thinking.
Oh you want to enhance your testicles. Yeah, I don't think anything does that. Also, enhancing the testicles isn't necessarily a good thing. They are housed in the scrotum, and the scrotum would have to grow, too.

There is nothing medically proven to enhance your testicles, assuming you mean you want to make them bigger. I don't know if you're concerned about doing that for yourself, or because you think women want them bigger, but as a female, I can assure you that women don't put a lot of thought into men's testicle or scrotum size. :)
No, it is not about increasing the size of the testicles. They are big enough already. :)

Rather, think about bodybuilding or strength training. TRT (or Testogel in this case) is used daily to improve your testosterone levels, for bigger muscle and strength gains, of course.

In my case, I am wondering if 1x/week is damaging the testicles and natural testosterone production already, or from what point on does it damage the testicles and natural testosterone production. For urologists, it is clear that any TRT or Testogel usage is bad for your natural testosterone production, and the same applies to bodybuilders who talk openly about their testicle size and natural testosterone production issues once on TRT.

However, I am curious if 50 mg Testogel once per week is that bad at all, or if it has a stimulating effect on the natural testosterone production level.
I don't know if we know that, definitively. All the studies were done on people using it daily, for the recommended use.

However, let's take aspirin as an example. For most people, taking an aspirin occasionally won't have any negative effect. For some, though, taking any anti-inflammatory can cause a whole host of problems, and they may not even know it. Aspirin is a blood thinner, and that can cause problems for some people.

We do know that TRT can cause a wide variety of issues. It might not for you today, but right now, you are a 44 yr old, healthy, muscular man. I don't know if you are a competitive bodybuilder, but even if you are, why risk damaging your health? You've already had testosterone issues just from stress. Maybe don't push it with TRT.

Just my thoughts. I'm a random stranger on the internet, and just offering my opinion. I'd side with the urologists here.
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