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Can Abilify help me?

I’m agoraphobic , panic disorder , bipolar depression. I’m prescribed Effexor 225 er. Zyprexa (15) makes me too tired though, amitryptiline 150 for sleep mirtazipine 15for sleep. Gabapentin400 mg 4 times a day for anxiety. I have trouble getting out of bed when my daughter isn’t here with me. That’s the only good thing about me is I’m a great father with 50/50 custody. I also am a former addict . For some reason when my doctor asks me if I’m depressed and I tell her no, I’m just now realizing that this whole time I have been depressed. To add on top of it within 8 week, I have had two spinal fusions, anterior and posterior with rods and screws. Therefore pain medicine have been introduced back into my life after 4 years of sobriety. I want them now. I’m seeking doctors to prescribe them to me, yes my back is in incredible pain but I know I don’t need them . I don’t know if I can maintain them the someone would who has never been an addict. Long story short, I seen and researched Abilify , and figured it might give me the energy I need to not want or need narcotic pain medicine for the rest of my life. Will Abilify help me adjust from tapering off pain medicine while at the same time , removing the zyprexa, and deal with my anxiety and bipolar issues?   I cannot remain on anything that makes me as tired as zyprexa or seroquel anymore, it’s not helping with the major depression.
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