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What is the problem when a 6 year old child can't learn correctly?

He can't focus on homework.
he doesn't answer when we call his name many times.
he keeps asking same questions over and over.
his mind is always occupied with some specific things like cars, pets, and babies.
he can't follow instructions well.
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Hello, welcome.  Well, it can be hard when a kiddo is your son's age.  Sometimes boys just are 'out there' and it's normal.  It becomes more clear as they get older. Are the teachers complaining or giving you negative feedback or these things your own observation?  Is he behind other kids in terms of where he is at developmentally?  Teachers are good at being able to give this information as they see so many kids of the same age and can kind of gage that.  Although, always important to remember kids are all unique and different.

My son has sensory issues.  That impacted him (still does) in the ways you describe.  But it really interfered in a noticeable way (as in teachers and administrators keyed in on it).  One thing that helps many kids with focus believe it or not is physical activity.  If he runs, jumps, climbs, rolls before doing his homework, he may be able to focus better.  ??

So, provide a bit more info and I'll try to help.
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Could possibly be Adhd, i have it ( im 19 slowly getting less severe ) and i had a severe case of it as a child and sounds wuiet similar to my experiences
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ADD? ADHD? Autism? Asperger's?
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