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Incomplete Miscarriage - Fetus outside the uterus, sitting on top of closed cervix

I had a pregnancy spontaneously miscarry at 10 weeks. Through an initial ultrasound we learned that loss of life most likely occurred around 7.5 weeks. The first day of miscarriage I experienced labor like contractions but they weren't as severe as miscarriages I've had in the past.
I passed large blood clots & had extremely heavy bleeding for about 14 hours straight before the bleeding showed signs of lightening up to a "regular" flow. This kept up for another week until I felt something when I went to the bathroom & ended up pulling out the placenta manually. As I did though, I felt the cord tear & it left the fetus at the top of my cervix. My cervix was already starting to close when that happened & three days later my bleeding had lightened up significantly. I was seen by a primary care physician who, after explaining my situation & discussing options, prescribed me 800mcg of Misoprostol which I was able to take yesterday.
Before I took it though, I had another ultrasound to confirm that there was still products of conception remaining after the bulk of the miscarriage. It did confirm that the yolk is currently sitting at the top of my cervix and is outside of the uterus so I went ahead and took the dosage of Misoprostol. After which, I expected to quickly see bleeding and action from my cervix opening but thus far have only had other side effects of taking the drug. Fatigue, nausea, headache, etc.
This afternoon I went in to see an OBGYN who, after learning that I was self pay, suddenly lost the "OB" from their practice & said that there wasn't anything she could do to help me without giving me another ultrasound & even then the only thing they would be able to do for me at their office would be schedule me a D&C.
Everyone I've come into contact with, medically speaking, since I learned about my miscarriage seems like they don't want to come near me with a 10 foot pole, let alone give a straight answer or an honest opinion.
All my previous miscarriages & births have been at home, not because I'm afraid of the hospital but because I believe in a woman's bodies ability to naturally deliver pregnancies. Full term or not.
I also believe the hospitals are a blessing for many reasons but I don't want to take up a bed or a doctors time unless I have a justifiable reason to.
The questions I have at this point are:
1) Is it still possible for the Misoprostol to have an effect on my cervix this long after taking it, and if so, would it be in my interest to just continue waiting?
2) How much risk of blood infection am I in at this point?
3) Are there any further options for me to go through before I'll be forced to go in for a D&C?
4) Should I need to have a D&C, how do they get scheduled typically?

Thank you
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Did you ever receive any answers on these things? How are you now?
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I did not. It was a very scary situation at the time but ultimately about two weeks later, the sac cleared out of my cervix.

Now, I'm fully back to health and regretting taking the misoprostol at all and hoping it doesn't have long lasting effects that might halt me from getting pregnant again in the near future.
Ah, I'm sorry hon. It won't have long lasting affects. hugs to you

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