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Slow rising HCG and low progesterone?

So I am pretty sure I am miscarrying but I need some extra input.  

First of I will say my EDD is suppose to be May 21st.  I got my positive HPT on Sept 10th so my days cant be off too much.  I should of been 12 DPO when I got my positive.  Well on Sept. 30th I started spotting so my old doctor had me come in and do HCG and my level was 2400.  My spotting got worse so they had me go to the ER and did an ultrasound and it showed I was 5 weeks to 6 weeks. Or at 5 mm, they saw a little fetus in there.  So the next day I called my new doctor and told them everything that was happening and they had me come in so they could check my progesterone.  It came back really low at 6 so they immediately started me on progesterone oil shots daily.  Also at that time my HCG went up to 3000.  3 days later I went in for what was suppose to be my first OBGYN appt. and they did a blood draw and did an ultrasound and only said the baby was at 5.6.  MY HCG came back at only 3500 after 3 days.  My progesterone was up though which was good.  I am just wondering if anyone has any input.  I go in to the doctors in 2 days to get a blood draw again so it would be 4 days from my last draw.  And then I have an appt. on monday to get another ultrasound.  I am hopeful but not very optomistic.  

9/30- HCG 2400

10/01-HCG 3000 Progesterone at 6 baby suppose to be measuring at 5-6 weeks when I am estimating I am 6 weeks 5 days

10/04 HCG 3500 Progesterone at 38.8 baby measuring alittle above that.

Next blood draw 10/8

Thanks ladies this is the first time dealing with a threatened miscarriage.
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by the way my spotting just started out at brown and got to a light pink but quickly went back to brown.
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I worry about the hcg levels.  they seem really low for where you should be and they are not doubling...they should double about every 48 hourse.  I thnk you'll just have to wait this out until you get another draw and another u/s.  The spotting, I don't really go by that becasue women spot and some even bleed and still carry to term.  

My expereince with my first mc was that I went in for my first hcg and us and the baby measured 5.5 weeks (should have been 6.5) and my hcg was 37,000 but my progesterone was only 9.  Then two weeks later the baby only measured 6.4 and had no heartbeat.  That's when we knew.  the baby had quit growing a week earlier and no heartbeat.  But I needed that second us becasue even tho it was behind in the first us according to my dates, dates can be off.  But since we had the first measurement, I knew by the second measurement that it had indeed stopped growing.  I never had any pain, or spotting.  

with my second mc I spotted brown for two days. It then stopped and I never spotted again.  But my hcg was really low. never did an us bc my hcg was too low for it to be a viable pregnancy.  I went in two days later for more bloodwork and my hcg had gone down so then we knew for sure.  

I do wish you the best and hope it turns out okay.  Maybe your Hcg is just slow to start off and it will jump up all of a sudden...I have heard of that happening.  I think I'd be cautiously optomistic at this point.  You probably won't know anything until you go back.  This early in pregnancy it seems to be a lot of worry and wait.  I'm sorry you are experiencing this.
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Thanks so much for the reply I am headed to get my levels checked again this morning so hopefully will knwo alittle more by this afternoon.  I will update when I know.
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