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i had a natural miscarriage at 7 weeks but the baby had died at 6 at the end of may 2010, my hcg levels were 1300 then went up to 1600 so no where near doubled. my hvg levels have now gone right back down, but ive been taking pregnancy tests the past week an there all positive do you think its a new pregnancy or from the last miscarriage? shall i make an appointment to have my blood an hcg levels tested again im scared incase the same thing happens :/ x
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After I had a miscarriage and a d&c to get everything out of my uterus, my levels took 2+ weeks to go down to 0.  Until they go down to 0 you will still show a positive result on a pregnancy test.  HCG levels double gradually every few days and go back down the same way.  If I were you would call the doc, and have them do an ultrasound to make sure everything is gone out of the uterus (sometimes in natural miscarriages some tissue could remain and keep levels from dropping all the way to 0) and have them check your levels again.  Usually, they like you to follow up after a miscarriage anyway natural or not.  Good luck!
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I'm currently going through an ectopic pregnancy. Friday 18th my HCG was 1000 and Monday it was 1300. They checked again last Friday and it had dropped to 400 and then this Monday it was 200. I have to be checked weekly no until my levels return to <2.
Most tests are 50mIU, sometimes 25mIU. The ones I get are 10mIU. I have not bothered testing because even though my HCG is dropping dramatically with the methotrexate they gave me, I know that all the pregnancy tests will pick it up.

Don't do this to yourself darling :( You need to accept what has happened an move on. I would say check in a week and if the line is not faint then return to the Dr to make sure you have not retained any products.

I am sorry for your loss x

Feel free to keep in contact with me and i'll let you know what my HCG level is every Monday so you can see how long it should take to drop.
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hello :)
thɑnks for your help, when i lɑst hɑd ɑ scɑn which wɑs 3-4 weeks ɑgo there wɑs nothink left in my uterus thɑts why i hɑd to go bɑck cɑuse the week before there wɑs some tissue still left. but ive been now tɑking tests the pɑst week ɑn there ɑll positive' my midwife from the previous pregnɑncy sɑid she thinks its ɑ new pregnɑncy cɑuse my hcg levels went down to 12  3 weeks ɑgo so who knows i got to hɑve some blood tests done to determine if ym hcg level is rising ɑgɑin x
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Good luck, I had bloods done tonight and they'll ring me with the results tomorrow. Nurse said tonight I am still bleeding because the Methotrexate is still working. She said I'm still getting some pain because my body still thinks I'm pregnant. Most of the tests you are doing if clear blue will have senstivities of 25-50 mIU so if your HCG went back down to 12 then it is likely you are pregnant again!! I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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