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3 more days until my LP

Just saying hello. I am in the horrible land of unknown if I have ms or not. I had an MRI with 5 lesions with one of them abuts the corpus collasum. The neurologists says that gives me an 80% chance of having MS. Of course In hindsight MS sounds like it would describe my symptoms. Constant Bilateral hand tingling up to my lip. A few years ago I had a little while of burning/altered sensation on one of my cheeks, huge pain issues (lower back and lower legs mainly), headaches, depression, difficulty with word finding, forgetfulness, unexplained intense exhaustion. Anywho my main concern is since my symptoms are constant does that signify more of a progressive form? I have had unexplained health issues for over 10 years and I ignored or dismissed the symptoms because no one could ever find anything wrong with me. Really I blamed it all on my depression but clearly something else is going on. Also at the neuro exam my leg reflexes were 4+.
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So sorry ... waiting is difficult, I know. I was in limbo three years.  I'm hoping you will find answers shortly, otirrod :).
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Do you think the doc is right? That I have ms or what?
We're not doctors here - just in limbo or with ms for the most part.  It's hard to say.

I had 12 lesions in my first mri but it still took three years to diagnose.  It depends on where the lesions are, what size they are, and what they look like -- and only your neurologist will be able to figure that out.

Hopefully he's done a boatload of rule out blood work.  Given that you have constant symptoms, I would suggest a sleep study too -- many neuros now do that automatically because sleep disorders and apneas are pretty common with those with neuro issues of any sort, and sleep deprivation can do a lot of damage.

When do you see your neuro again?  Is he an ms specialist or a general neuro?
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I will see him 1 week after the test, they did 8 vials of blood at the first appt last time. I know you can't diagnose anything. I thing I am just in my head too much and keep hoping I will find a definite diagnosis online. Ha.
Don't we all at one point or  another ;).  Keep us posted -- this is a good place to find support.
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I am wishing you all the best with the waiting game. It is a difficult time full of anxiety and wishing answers would come sooner. I want you to know that we get it - we have all been there or are right there with you - and we are pulling for you. Good luck with your LP and let us know how things go.

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I had to wait 6 weeks for my LP results then I had more blood work and it took another 3 weeks for my diagnosis. From my first MRI which showed MS it took two years for a diagnosis. It is hard to be patient and not worry. When you have MS you learn to be patient and not to worry about what may happen next. This disease is different in each person. I have had MS for 51 years. I still ride horses, walk my dogs, and swim.

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