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Been thinking about the holidays.

First off all this pressure to buy gifts physically and our economically is unfortunate.

Mike and I did the bare minimum and left ourselves out. I found myself sending presents to relatives who do not even speak to us and on my side a sister in law who hates everything.

Car repairs, Polly's emergency vet bill, and medical have left us strapped.

I even do not have the energy to do paintings.

The real point of this season is love. All faiths have love as the greatest axiom. This point was driven home to me when someone in my life who was the model of unselfish love and random acts of kindness was killed trying to save a cat last week.

I am dedicating this season to Mindi who lived in the moment and made you feel like you were important. I am going to work at being PRESENT with my family and friends and not worry about the artificial message the media is bombarding us with of giving presents.

I for one have too much stuff anyway. I would like a no pressure time to relax with those I love.

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Thank you for reminding us of what's really important in life as well as this season.

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Mindi would be happy that you remember her with love. And to dedicate this season in her memory is wonderful. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know it leaves a big hole that will take time to fill.

hugs & prayers
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Ditto what Maggie and Kathy said. You certainly do see past all the minutiae and hit upon the really important things in life. Thank you  for sharing all your thoughts with us.


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Hi Alex I have decided not to gifts this year most people have too much clutter anyway christmas should be about sharing food and love with the people around you and dont have the energy for shopping.

I wish you and your family a merry christmas tarter.
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I have to agree, I've found that the gifts we tend to give (at least in my family) are mostly meaningless crap. We've decided to make it about the kids, and only the kids. Anyone over 18 gets dinner and to watch the smiles of three precious little boys opening their "loot." Isn't that what's really worth it?

Kudos to Mindy. May she be forever happy!

Love to you on this Holiday. Relax, enjoy those you love.
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Amen.  Thank you again, Alex.  May our great and magnificent God bless you and yours more than ever this Christmas.  The same for all of you.
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