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Freezing foot

i find that my left foot feels like ice cubes and my right foot is normal temp.  It happens anytime of year...what are the possible causes.
Should note I have diabetes which I take no meds for and nueropathy  that I take gabapentin for
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Hi Don - Welcome to the group.

Most folks with MS related foot issues describe burning, rather than chilling, myself included. All by itself it wouldn't be suggestive of MS. Have you been diagnosed with MS?

You mention diabetes. Is that the cause of your neuropothy? There are often circulation related issues associated with diabetes that may be contributing to your foot chills.

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I would mention the foot to your MD as soon as you can because of the diabetes and circulation problems.

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I don't have a diagnosis at this time, but I too have different temperatures of my feet and sometimes hands.  Just the other day I had my husband feel how super cold my right foot was and how "normal" my left one was.   He couldn't believe it!

Sorry you are experiencing that too!

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