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Has MS Changed Your Mood, Thinking, etc.?

I have noticed that I feel very different. I am over-sensitive, don't 'think' the same, tend to 'react',  get irritated more easily.

Has anyone else oberserved these changes in themselves?

Often, I get upset, but I don't know why.....until later.

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It is hard for our husbands too. Sometimes I look back after and then feel guilty, but its not my fault or anyones fault. I'm sorry that you and your husband have suffered lately and am thinking of you :)
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I agree. I feel it is very hard on our husbands. I know, that it hurts my husband, to see me in so much pain. I have horrendous nerve pain in my spine.

So, I feel guilty when I get upset and take it out on him.

Thank you-our hearts are broken, losing both of our sweet girls. For 17 years, they were our lives, and the house is so quiet and empty without them.

It's hard, because he has so much to do around the house, and they were my constant companions.
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I'm actually the opposite, i've always been very calm and tolerant and because i've always laughed a lot, i'd of said i was content and happy but after my big bang of 09, i've become even more so. I laugh a lot more than ever before, I appreciate all the little things and i know that sounds corny but its true.

I'm an optimist, and negative thoughts are not something i've really had to deal with at any time through out my life, i've just always seen the positive in everything, so even when everything goes bad again and i'm battling to get out of it, you'll find me laughing and telling jokes.

I've definitely had too many over the top giggling episodes to count, i'd like to think it's personality but I suspect its got more to do with where the lesions are in my brain lol. The constant feeling that time is running out, is also probably driving this to some degree, and i don't mean it in a morbid sense but more........appreciate what you have today, because you don't know if you'll get to keep it.

Depression is a beast to get out of if it takes hold, don't battle this beast alone, speak up, speak loud and do it sooner rather than later!

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That's really great.

No, it doesn't sound corny, at all.

As far as depression, I'm going through the grieving process. And it is a process that takes time.

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Yes I have found myself to be very emotional at times.  Can cry at the drop of a hat.  while I have more patience with myself I do not have any patience with others!  

Stress is a huge part of my life and I think that is a factor -  I was off this weekend -  the first one since February and the last till August and found myself in a much better mood, even though I worked around the house harder than I do at my job.  Also found that my legs are  in better shape today and walking is much easier -  Oh to be able to quit the part time job and only work 5 days a week!  SIGH!

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I feel the same way-very little patience. And I am very emotional.

Stress is also a very huge part of my life, and I agree, it is a factor. You work a lot of hours. So, that makes it even harder.

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