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MRI results in

Just a quick note to say hi!

I went to visit the neuro this am. He was not very, for lack of a better word, informative. He says he is not certain that it is MS causing my issues but he is not certain it is not.  (huh?)  He gave me topomax for the migraines.   He said we will see what that does for the next 8 weeks and he will see me back.  He wants to send me to an ENT. (I have already been to one and is why my GP sent me to him

.  My GP thought about maybe fluid behind my ears causing imbalance so he sent me  to the ENT first but  he said that would not explain the other issues That is why he sent me to Neuro.  .

  Is this normal cuase of action for anyone else? I told him about my newest symptoms of numbness in my face at times and eye pains along with other things but he did not seem too concerned.

Should I just ignore all this and move on with life since he is not concerned?  I do not want to make something out of nothing. I just...I do not know what to make of the lack of answers and feel frustrated.
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Ah yes, the non-committal ms neurologist.  I am very familiar
With the type.

Did he explain your MRI results?
I know you were hoping to get those today.
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Oh man - I was hoping your meeting had been more informative. I'm also interested to know if the neuro explained you MRI to you. What was seen? Did he do a neuro exam? Anything show up with that?

Thanks for the update. I've been wondering how your test/appointment went.

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He just said that he did not see anything concerning. I am not sure what that means and I was not sure what to ask. Are there certain things I should ask in a few weeks when I go back? He did not say what he saw or did not see.
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The deal with neurologists is it is not MS until they decide it is. They focus on one symptom at a time. With you it is the headaches. These guys do not think fast. They usually see you every few months to watch for changes. When you go to them you start at square one. They do not just look at your old records. It took me two years. My first MRI was clearly MS. I had something called Dawson's fingers. I thought they were all crazy because they said I will be diagnosed with MS in the future. I was like why can't I be diagnosed now.

If you need to go back to the ENT for this neurologist I would. I went to a psychiatrist when they said mine was depression. The psychiatrist said it was neurological.

I would keep a symptoms journal when, how long it lasts. Reduce it for the doctor. Not lots of pages.

Neurologists are like a judge just the facts. No heresay. They want evidence. This makes it hard.

I saw several neurologist. My first moved after the first visit. The second fired me. The third was a MS Specialist and started from scratch. I had 5 MRI, an evoked potential, lots of blood work, a LP, and lots more blood work. I did not believe I had MS. When I was diagnosed I went to another one to be sure.

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Okay, this is very reassuring. I have been keeping a journal but was going to give it up as I thought he was giving up on me.

I am glad you explained how Neuros work. He seemed just to hyper focus on one thing and I said, "well what about the numbness and the other symptoms and he just looked at me and continued on his conversation.

When I first met him he asked me how long I had been having symptoms and I could honestly not tell him an exact time bc I have been having symptoms for years.  They tend to lesson for a while and come back with new ones. He looked at me like I was crazy. ( I guess I did not want him to think I was crazy so I stopped trying to explain)

I do not know what is going on with me, I know I am not making it up LOL, I just know I want to be better and feel better for my 8 year old and for me.  
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You are not crazy. We have too many specialists. The specialists do not see the whole human being. Your GP needs to find out what is wrong with you to get you to the right specialist. If the GP does not know what is wrong you may go to many specialists. This is expensive, time consuming, and stressful. A stressed patient gets emotional. A doctor who does not know what is wrong and sees an emotional patient thinks it is psychiatric. My GP coached me on how to talk to neurologists. I talk fast because I want to cover everything. I also get nervous having to state my case to a new doctor. I have the same problem with oncologist.

Ironically many oncologists do not do well with emotion. My first one would not see me. My second one which was the first guys buddy told me I needed to learn how to talk to doctors. He said I put doctors on the defensive. He was angry because I did not want a double mastectomy. He said "He had to save me from myself", "I was not in touch with reality".

Hang in there.

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Oh I forgot. Get your GP to treat symptoms. I waited until I was diagnosed. It does not change the diagnosis. After you are diagnosed mostly the deal with symptoms. I go to a pain clinic for nerve and muscle pain.

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