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I recently had an MRI of Brain done because of suspected MS. I am 49yrs old. This is what my report revealed...

The tectal plate and inferior pineal are diffusely enlarged, and increased in signal on FLAIR/ T2 images, decreased in signal on T1 precontrast images. No appreciable enhancement on the postcontrast T1 weighted images. Findings are worrisome for tectal glioma measuring 1.9 cm(craniocaudad) by 0.7 cm (AP) by 1.0 cm (transverse). This finding is best shown on axial images 8-15. Other considerations include a PNET, ganglioglioma, ependymoma, or primary pineal tumor. There is associated abnormal increased T2 and FLAIR signal extending into the posterior thalami and down along the Brainstem into the deep posterior pontine white matter. Findings are worrisome for edema or gliosis related to tumor.
No other lesions are present worrisome for tumor. No deep periventricular white matter lesions worrisome for demyelinating disease.
ANATOMY: no congenital anomalies. Normal vascular flow voids. Pituitary fossa normal.
CSF SPACES: normal in size and contour. No hemorrhage. No aqueductal stenosis. No hydrocephalalus.
CEREBRUM: no evidence of hemorrhage, mass, or extra axial fluid collection. No abnormal enhancement post contrast.
POSTERIOR FOSSA: internal auditory canals, cerebellopontine angles, mastoids normal. No enhancing lesions. No abnormal enhancement post contrast.
DIFFUSION IMAGING: negative for acute or subacute infarction.
ORBITS: no masses. Globes normal.
PARANASAL SINUSES: no fluid levels. Mucosa normal.
OTHER: no other significant finding.

IMPRESSION: findings worrisome for Brainstem glioma.
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Thank you for responding.
I'm more frustrated than freaked out because I've been suffering with so many symptoms for several years and the Doctors that I've seen in the past have never looked into things beyond saying to me, "I don't know what's going on. Let's just wait and see what happens." I feel like now I'm FINALLY going to get an answer and I can FINALLY begin some sort of treatment that will actually help me feel better.
  I know that I have the strength to deal with just about anything...I just want to know what I'm dealing with.
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No this report is not consistent with MS unless what they are seeing turns out to be a lesion. I know two weeks is a longtime. I have just learned when I try to figure out reports I usually freak myself out more.

I have MS and Cancer and have had a lot of tests. Most turn out better than I anticipate because I am a major worry wart.

With me they first told me I had an aneurysm which would kill me or a malformation of the brain stem which would kill me. Then they said I probably had MS. Then they told me I had Lupus. I did not have any of the three.

I have had 4 Cancer scares. Jaw Cancer which turned out to be an old injury. Gallbladder Cancer turned out to be a stone. Ovarian which really was Cancer. This summer a lump in my breast turned out to be a healthy lymph node.

I know I am being vague. I just do not want to speculate in the wrong direction. You might call your doctor if you are anxious. Sometimes they will tell you over the phone. Some doctors will not.


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Sorry, another question. Are tectal and Brainstem gliomas the same as the "lesions" typically seen with MS??
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Does this MRI report look like something that would usually be found in someone with MS?
I won't be seeing the Neuro again for almost two weeks.
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Everything looks good accept something on your Brain stem. It will take a Neurologist to guess what it is. They thought I had something bad wrong in my brain stem at first. After the neurologist followed me for a year they found I had MS and not the bad thing they thought I had. MRIs are not super clear there is some guess work involved. First the radiologist supplies some options. It take a Neurologist to really sort it out.  I do not even look at my CT Scans or MRIs until my doctor explains them to me. Often they are scarey until the doctor sorts them out. I have Cancer and I have had them think lymph nodes were tumors only to have more tests and find they were normal lymph nodes. I use to look things up on the internet and get enough information to scare myself. I have learned to wait for the doctor.

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