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Pain in wrist - I'm getting worried


Can someone help me? I have problems with my hands and feet. Lots of numbness and neuropathies.

A few weeks ago I started getting pain in my wrist, no break, fracture or anything of the sort. The pain comes and goes and today I am in hell. The pain has been constantly radiating in my hand. I do have lesions on my spine C-6 & C-7. I am not sure how much that helps but I have a thought that the numbness in my hands are from my spine.

The pain is nerve pains and its driving me nuts should I call the neuro doc? Could it be a relapse and could this be the beginning of more disability in my hand?

I don't know I've never done this before:) er :(

Thanks in advance!
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I really want to ask - were you born and raised on the islands?  I'm wondering because the rate of MS there for residents should be pretty low.  If you are a transplant and escaped from Ohio or MN to live in paradise, that is a totally different story!

aloha, Lulu

PS I want to go back - grass shack or an Ohana resort makes no difference.  I just want to go back and lounge and enjoy the tradewinds.  
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Hi Karrie,

I have the same problem...every so often I get bad pain in my right wrist. IS it MS related? Not sure, but I slack with my medication and when I get back to it and take like I should then the pain goes away after a couple of days.

Let know what the Dr says about it. Hope you get beeter.

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Thank you!
I actually sent my Dr. an email. Hopefully he'll get the msg.

Pain is no fun, even less fun is the unexplainable. :(

Thank you for responding!
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Hi Karrie,
My basic question/suggestion would be call your doctor and ask what they advise.  They may or may not want tto see you. This might be  a relapse, but it would be something totally unrelated to your MS.

  I'm sorry you are having pain like this - that is no fun.

feel better,
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