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Perception 0

Perception 0:

I have decided to use this forum to understand my situation in having this neurological disorder we call MS.   I am a cerebral individual, so I hope this does not become too boring.  I will attempt to describe MS as best as I can.

This posting is titled perception 0 because I know that this is too complicated to put in a single document.  That means I intend there to be a few revisions and/or further discussions on the matter.

In looking at MS or any neurological disorder one can understand that everything boils down to a matter of how one perceives.  :

1.  Each of us is an individual with our own perspective.  What this means is that as we go through life everything we come into contact with is processed by our body and then our nervous system and then sent to our brain in the form of bioelectric signals/messages.
2.  All signals are multi-dimensional.  Later I will explain what I mean by this and why it has an impact on our perceptions.  How we feel or sense the world, how our bodies function, and how our mind develops an understanding of the world are dependent on these multi-dimensional signals being processed completely.
3.  All aspects of our beings are impacted by the proper processing of these multi-dimensional signals.  Pain, other physical senses, emotions, and bodily control are all perceived or translated throughout our bodies via these signals.

Assuming I have the energy I will continue this discussion with the hope that I can communicate otheres and to myself a more complete understanding of MS.  The contributions in this discussion will each be short due time and energy constraints.  Also, due to cognitive issues I cannot process more than a few ideas at one time.

I suppose this is my version of therapy.
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Perception 1:  Perspective

Each of us is an individual with our own perspective.  What this means is that as we go through life everything we come into contact with is processed by our body and then our nervous system and then sent to our brain in the form of bioelectric signals/messages.

In this part of my discussion I will only be talking of our life in its physical aspects.  The reason I mention this is so that my mind stays away from the philosophical arguments.

In understanding MS and other neurological disorders it is important to start with the human condition.  In other words we are each individuals with our own perspective.  Why this is important to remember is that MS can and does effect how we perceive.

Each of our unique perspectives is by nature personal.  Why I mention this is that most of us with MS have spent our lives perceiving the world and ourselves while receiving these bioelectric signals in a certain so called normal manner.  We became comfortable and dependant on these signals reaching our brain without anything unordinary happening.

Once the MS disorder begins to show up our lives change and we have to start to adjust.  While at first we have no clue, the process of discovering what heck is going on begins.  With this change there is always something we have lost.  Some ability or talent is completely lost or is compromised.  Or we simply feel different.  It might be that you keep thinking you are being stabbed; you might feel extreme pain in your extremities; you might have parts of your body going numb; or you might find it difficult or nearly impossible to concentrate.

Whatever it might be, we notice something is not right.  Until something serious enough like loosing one’s eye sight occurs or the pain becomes so unbearable we most likely chalk it up to a bit of depression.  Depression can occur as part of the disorder or it might simply be part of dealing with loss.

Dealing with loss of part of oneself is not at all a simple thing.  This can be especially difficult if one does not know what the cause might be.  Many with MS are seen as being neurotic or even a bit psychotic.  We find ourselves telling our loved ones or doctor some of our complaints.  Even the most stoic of us at some point has to express something is wrong.  We are then labeled complainers by ourselves and/or others.

-- I will pick up here later.  I think these last two paragraph need work.  Also, some of this will be moved to other sections.  I need to work on more on the ideq or perspective, but this is a start.

dqm q's make it 1uite diffiful to type ans thinks qt the same time.
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McC here...what a wonderful thread.  Fantastic.  I will be waiting for more of your writings.  As Ada said, you must be a writer.  How well put your words are.

This is going to be very interesting and very informative, McB.  I am glad that you started this post.  I believe it will help many.

Have a GREAT DAY!,
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All I can say is "WOW"!  Your writing is so wonderful are you a writer?

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