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Okay, so I got my mri report from my prim doc.  He told me that I have a new lesion, and that I new to go back to neuro who sent me for the mri to find out what the next step is.

So here I am, the report says its a 5mm focus of hyperintense signal in the T2 Flair seq. It's in the basis pontis in the midline, and this was not seen in previous mri.  So my prim said, you have an old lesion, now you have a new one.

I have bladder dysfunction. memory confusion,facial spasms and twitches, and pins and needles and numbness, and my right eye has been acting weird, its pulling and twitching and trying to close alot. Plus I keep teetering over, and walking into things and stubbing my toes, which was kinda painful one nite when I hit it so hard, I now have a neuroma in my foot, and I have that strange uncontrollable loud sigh/gasp thing going on all day.

would this lesion account for any of these sx?  If so, what do you think my neuro is gonna say to my when I see him in two weeks(he's on vaca).  Will he be able to give me some kind of dx, or will he say, this is nothing, we will wait and see?

Oh! I almost forgot about the weird double images that I see every morning when I wake up.

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Wikipedia has  some info concerning the pons and its functions. I for one do not take everything I read as the gospel truth so keep that in mind with this subject  I have no personal knowledge of this subject, so please share when you do get some info to share.


PS the lower right image present at the lower right if the page is a pic of a brain with the anatomy, pretty gory for some.

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Hi Sandie and welcome since we haven't spoken before.  A basis pontis lesion is a lesion in the basiliar part of the pons. From my reading


It sounds as if a lesion in the pons in this location could mimic MS.

I hope you find answers! Please keep us informed of how things are going.

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Hi Lisa,

Yeah, I already saw my Neuro-Opth, he was the one that sent me back to the neuro cause of the weird images I have been having everyday.  I have been seeing this eye doc now for almost 2 years, cause I have had other issues,eg On, Intercranial Hypertension(psuedotumor cerebri), and dry eye, and my eye pressure has to be watched and checked.  When I told him about those weird eye occurences he's the one who told me to see my neuro.

Apparently, he knew what I was talking about, although the neuro said it was rare, and he needed to research it.  So he has a few things to go over with me but the mri report didnt say anything to me that would explain those images I see, unless it has something to do with the lesion.  But, would the lesion have to be near the Optic Nerve?

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Hi there!

Sometimes lesions can be the blame for your symptoms and sometimes lesions that are seen can not.

Have you seen a Neuro-Ophthalmologist yet?  If not, have your primary refer you to one.  They can do OCT and vision field testing as well as other tests.  Be prepared the appointment is approximately 3 hours long for the initial visit as well as have a person drive you to and from the office (as they dilate your pupils).

Considering that you have an old and new lesion in a different area, proves dissemination in time (I believe).

Have you checked out our forum's health pages?  If not ,there's a plethora of information there!  

Here's the link:  http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/list?cid=36

I'm sorry you're going through the symptoms you're experiencing.  Lord knows we all feel or have felt some or all of your disheartening symptoms.

It would be hard for us to guess what your Neurologist would say, but we would be definitely anxious to hear the verdict when he comes back from his/her vacation!

Please keep us informed!!
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