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Undiagnosed neurological symptons! Possible early MS?

Hi all, I am hoping someone can relate to me or can see what your thoughts are on my current situation . My neurological symptons all started after a flu shot on Sept. 4th this year. The day after I had a sever headache that lasted for days. The headache went away and then I went to bed one night with my left foot feeling weird like almost asleep. I woke up and it was still there. I had extreme disiness , throwing up, and sever stomach pain for a week or two after that. I had tingling throughout my whole body, it was overall really strange. My bowels were hard to use. A lot of the symptons have all subsided except constant burning in my left foot, very painful legs, and almost like internal vibrations (hard to explain) I have had a brain mri and spinal mri done all clear. I have also had a ssep test done which is normal. My clinical exam was normal except brisk reflexes but my doctor said im young only 24 and very anxious so it is quite normal. Can someone please give me insight? My doctor isn't sure why I am experiencing this, he did mention myelitis and I might of had an infection. I have a follow up in February. Thank you !
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Hi Steph -

You don't mention anything you've done to resolve your health anxiety. Have you pursued this?

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Hi Steph,

I can only really echo what all these lovely people have said to you already - none of them/me think your symptoms (even now) sound like MS. Your tests to date also back that up.

Please have that appointment recommended with your general practitioner and perhaps have a talk around the anxiety side but also as JJ says, what 'else' could cause these symptoms.

To be honest they could be "something and nothing" if you've heard that expression I.e. Some could be as simple as an imbalance in your blood levels that could be corrected, others might be sitting/standing too long, leaning on parts of your own body to give that numb tingling sensation, others might be a minor transient thing that isn't connected.

Unless you speak to your own health professional and get some sort of history line going it's going to be tough for anyone to piece together what tests you've had, what illness or disease you have had ruled out etc etc.

Im guessing part of you keeps coming back to this group of people as they have a lot of knowledge and give helpful things to look into - primarily it's a forum for MS/Limbo MS'ers but I know the others would join me in saying we'll try to help where we can - please take the advice given so far and let us know how you progress with your doctor.

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Hi everyone thanks for feedback ... No I haven't seen in a chiropractor . Maybe I should go get tested for Lyme ? I'm still just wondering if I'm still having crazy reaction to flu shot ! Current symtpkns bottom of left foot weird sensations that come and go and left leg burns and hurts . Back of lower head sore and neck so sore . Weird inner tremor almost when I am on toilet or standing up . Not sure if related to neck injury and new symtp happened yesterday left small part of cheek buzzed on and off for a few hours and hasn't happened again since ??? Ms ? Or just healinf still ? Any thoughts
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I would suggest having a lyme test done as well. Have you ever seen a Chiropractor
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Hi there Steph,

Everything the community explained prior about MS is still exactly the same, it is highly unlikely what you are experiencing now, could have anything to do with a neurological condition like MS when only a few months ago, all your neurological related testings were clinically normal.

You have stated in your posting history of having health anxiety, which may have some baring on what you experience but i suggest you discuss with your GP what 'else' could cause these symptoms if it's not a neurological causation and what tests you should get to investigate his/her alternative ideas...  

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Update on my story ! A lot of symptons have lessened ! Currently having pulsating and buzzing feeling on bottom left foot that's almlst constant , happens in right foot too sometimes , burning in legs and feet that come and go , aever sore neck , buzzing in neck and back of head ? Sound like ms ??? All tests bormal , not just of crazy side effect from flu shot still
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Hi Sarah, thanks for the feedback. I am not taking any medication for anxiety at the moment but have thought maybe to.This past six months have not been good health wise for me. I had skin cancer which was removed , then I got diagnosed with sinus tachycardia, and as soon as I got the flu shot neurological symptons have started. Today has been one of the best days I have had since my symptons have started. The symptom that most irritates me is almost like an internal tremor/vibration cant explain it. Drives me crazy, especially when I am trying to get to sleep. I wish you a good New Year.
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I have to slightly disagree with ess, I have lesions in my back that cause stomach spasms which cause me nausea.  But other than that, you wouldn't have all of those symptoms at one time with MS.  

You need to see a neuro who specializes in MS if you think this is what it is but I agree with my fellow patients, I don't think it is MS either.

Dr. Google can be very misleading!  Are you taking any medication for your anxiety?  As others have told you, MS patients often have other illnesses to deal with.  I have MS but also have 3 heart problems, a pacemaker, etc., etc, I have at least 5 specialists other than my neuro.

There are many mimic diseases of MS and many blood tests to go thru to rule them out.  Some of us have spent years and years going thru many neurologists before we get the diagnosis we don't really want.

I'm not sure who to advise you to go to, but don't think its MS.  
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Hi Alex,

Yes I have been to a good neurologist at UT Physicians here in Houston, He is a neuromuscular neurogolist. I have also had an EMG and NCS done and that is normal. Its frustrating when your body is doing things not normal but they aren't sure. I have a lot of twitching and muscle spasms too all over, very strange.
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Something is going on but it is most likely not MS. You might have several things going on. Even with those of us with MS we get other illesses and not everything is related to MS.

If you have a good GP I would bring my concerns to him. He can help diagnose.


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Hi Steph and welcome,

Back in mid September you wrote....

"My healthy anxiety started right after my grandfather past away about 7 weeks ago. I suddeny had heart palpitations and an overwhelming feeling of doom. I went to various ERs and they said my heart rate was up but my blood work and everything was fine, I still wasn't convinced...I went to my GP who then put me to a Electrophyslolgist that specialises in heart rhythms I had a ultrasound done, holter monitor, and the finally said nothing was wrong I just have sinus tachycardia which is caused by extreme anxiety.

I then noticed a few weird things on my skin after analysing every detail or sensation on my body ... I went to the dermatologist and got two skin biopsies one actually was cancerous which was called basal cell the most common and very treatable. Again, I was then convinced he missed soemthing and have booked into another skin clinic to get a second opinion.

I then at work last week noticed my left breast was very sore and I automatically thought I had breast cancer I immediately went to the OBGYN who felt it and said she never felt anything it's jus tissue from hormones. I had a follow up appointment with my GP on everything and she mentioned to get the flu shot. I have had this before many times when I never had health anxiety with no problems. I got my flu shot that morning then went back to work,.. A few people said the flu shot isn't good for u and I automatically thought the worse!

I Googled side effects from vaccine and came up with lots of stories and lists of things. The next day after flu shot I had a extreme headache and I auto attic ally thought this was a reaction to the flu shot and then read up about a side effect called GBS syndrome which Is very rare 1-2 people per 1 million flu shots, the symtpons are tingling on legs and arms I automatically started to have these symtpons after reading into this extensively.

I ended up in ER last night and told him of my tingling in body and he said its no way u have GBSand if. I did think that I would make u get a Lumbar Puncture which they get spinal fluid from back, I am still not convinced !

I woke up today with a headache and tingling sensations, anxiety is ruining my life at the moment between work and my relationship with my husband ! I am going to book into a Neuroligist this week to see about my headaches and tingling. "

When this first began you were acknowledging your health anxiety, and from my understanding you're experiences would be very consistent with someone dealing with escalating anxiety, that is focused on their health. I strongly suggest you stop feeding your anxiety by googling, and start trusting your doctor(s) and the medical evidence, which would usually be enough reassurance that you don't have what ever medical condition you were worried about.

In regards to needing reassurances about MS, your sx's would not be consistent with presenting MS, you have no clinical signs of neurological damage and no test evidence (MRI, SSEP) consistent with or suggestive of MS...........it is 'extremely unlikely' that what your dealing with is a neurological condition like MS!

It is in your best interest to focus on your anxiety and actively seek treatment so you can change your tomorrows......


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Hi. I don't know what is causing your problems, but it is extremely unlikely to be MS. MS itself does not cause nausea or vomiting, and any other gastric issues usually arise much later in the disease process. MS also does not cause tingling, or any other symptom, all over the body. That is virtually impossible, given the way the disease works.

As you have had a normal brain MRI and an essentially normal clinical exam, I would look elsewhere for the cause of your symptoms. Possibly you've had a viral infection that is causing lingering effects. That happens. Also, getting tested for Lyme disease is a good idea.

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