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does it sound like the first ms attack?

Hello, i need to know what's happening with me and i hope that someone’s would be able to explain or maybe felt the same way. Here is my situation. I am 22 years old and i have twin sister. We are living together and attending the same college in term-times. 2014 December was one of those term-times. I had a lot of stress and sleepless nights so did my sister at that December. The following month was also unusual. We finished our term but we fell into deep depression on January. We ate a lot of food and drank alcohol and hadn’t almost left the house. No job and no people. Of course it was some kind of periods before but this one lasted the longest. I don’t know it’s just our lifestyle that is led by permanent depression but I always felt normal. So then started (after that January) an avalanche of all the following symptoms. When I woke up one February morning and step out of my bed, I felt extreme fatigue (I often feel fatigue, but this one was different) and dizziness also blackening in my eyes. It was keeping all day and when I moved I felt tingling in my head back legs and arms. Tingling sometimes burning was also unusual and permanent. I was too weak to walk I was feeling nausea and had frequent urination also blackening and doubling in my eyes for two weeks. I felt pain especially in my left arm and breast sometimes in lower back and bowl. After those two weeks I felt stronger and I noticed that I can walk, but problems didn’t disappear. At this moment there is still blackening and doubling in my eyes, weakness and tingling in my left hand and feet also frequent urination. Sometimes I feel tremors. My sister twin doesn't feel like me at all. I went to neurologist and he said that I will be able to do my head MRI only at April, but I can’t wait so long. Anybody who felt something like that may can tell me is this the first MS attack, do I get my good vision back? Or will it get worse? Could these all things happen because of depression or pinched nerve? I would be really grateful for any answer, I just can’t sleep well and wait until April. Sorry for my bad English and really thanks for reading such a long story.
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"......it doesn't mean that your depression is the more likely explanation for your symptoms, your recent behavioural choices and depression would probably not of helped but it may not be the primary cause. "  I honestly don't think you should be assuming it's 'definitely neurological' though, for a neurological condition to even be possible, you would at least have some abnormal clinical signs.

It would be in your best interest, to try to be open minded on what might be causing this, when you've had your neurological assessments you'll have a better idea on if it is neurological or something else entirely.

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p.s. i have done my blood and urine tests. They are all good.
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Thanks for your welcoming and time to read my post.

But i am almost sure that this is not a depression or anxiety. I walked to the shop yesterday and i felt extreme weakness in my right hand and leg, when i came back home it took me hours to sleep to feel stronger.

Of course may it's not MS, maybe i am worying too much but i just can't do normal things through all day and my vision is blurred. It is definately some kind of neurological disease.

But could it be like the first signs of MS?

Thanks again for supporting and giving your time for me!
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Hi and welcome,

I noticed that there is only around 3,500 diagnosed with MS in Lithuania, out of a population of over 3 million, just statistically speaking MS would be classed as quite rare in your country, and from that alone MS would be very low on your list of potential causes.

It's not unusual for twins who live together to experience depression at the same time, but you are still individuals and any type of mental health issue you experience, will not be identical to what your twin experiences. Having said that though, it doesn't mean that your depression is the more likely explanation for your symptoms, your recent behavioural choices and depression would probably not of helped but it may not be the primary cause.

You need to keep in mind that there are many conditions, that actually have the same or very similar symptoms to MS, at this stage there is nothing to suggest that this could be a neurological condition like MS. It could be one of the more common causes eg vit B deficientcy, alcohol abuse, thyroid, viral infection, slipped disc etc etc and until you've had some general tests, it would be far too soon to be worrying about neurological conditions like MS.


ps Your English is perfectly fine!

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Hi Sandra (?)
I'm new to this forum myself, but I have seen several of the regulars asking people to split their posts into short paragraphs - many find reading a big block of text very difficult.

Sorry I can't answer your query, I was only diagnosed on Sat

Good luck
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